Wednesday, December 30, 2009

What are your New Year’s Resolutions?

The year is coming to a close and like many people I am looking to the year ahead. I am thinking of all the things I should change.
  • Loose weight
  • Exercise more
  • Eat less pasta
  • Travel more
These are my New Year’s Resolutions. I must admit they are pretty much the same each year. I always intend to follow through but rarely carry on for long.

I think we should have New Year’s Congratulations instead. We need to spend some time looking at all the good things we did during the past year. That is far more inspiring.

What are your New Year’s Resolutions?

Happy New Year !!!!
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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Bikini Barista

After a full day of shopping during the Christmas rush, with my Mom, we stopped for a coffee at a drive through espresso stand. This is where we happened upon Mandy, the bikini barista for Foxy Lady Espresso Hut. I got such a chuckle from this charming surprise.

Washington State has the best drive through coffee stands and they are everywhere. You can’t go wrong.

Being Moms our concern for Mandy was - aren’t you cold? She guaranteed us that the heat was cranked and she was very comfortable.

Mandy found her cute little Santa mini skirt and hat at Victoria secret. She made us a great Mexican Mocha Latte for the long, cold Christmas commute home.

Thanks Mandy for the Christmas fun.

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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Lessons from Christmas Shopping Men

Christmas Eve is 3 days away and most men are starting their shopping. I know this because I was among them yesterday doing my Christmas Shopping. I was considering a beautiful item as a gift and chose to wait and contemplate the purchase then come back if I could not find anything more stunning. I find it interesting to consider the difference in style as to how men and women operate.

As I was walking out of this large store a gentleman and his young teen daughter brushed past me. I could not help over hearing his comments to his daughter.

“If you want something for Mom get it now. This is the first store I have been in for Christmas and it is the last. Today is it.”

This comment struck me like a thunderbolt. As women we spend so much time making everything perfect. We deliberate over the best gift to give everyone. We spend hours decorating, planning, cooking, shopping, wrapping and creating the festive atmosphere.

All that in addition to work, kids, pets and running the house - No wonder the holidays are exhausting!

Both genders could take some hints from each other. Perhaps some men could put in additional effort and as women we could reduce our effort - slightly. Was it really necessary for me to think about my purchase and go back to buy it? Because you know I did go back. So that was 2 trips for 1 gift. Not time efficient!

Women truly create the holidays but how much can we do?

I hope the shopping gentleman’s wife enjoys her “get it now”, one day, one store gift. I really have to rethink my shopping style next year.

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Friday, December 18, 2009

Plus Size Body Sculpting and Instant Slimming

Most women see their bodies in the mirror and feel unhappy with one or more areas. They will try on beautiful clothes and only focus their eye on the body areas they dislike that may be showing through the outfit.

Have you ever considered how much a body can be manipulated and camouflaged with undergarments?

Body shapers are the best kept secret in Hollywood. Of course no star wants it known that their red carpet look is enhanced by body shapers.

Our female bodies are soft, squishy and easily moulded and changed with the use of body shapers.

In the days of old a woman would wear a corset or girdle to hold it all in. These were extremely restrictive and controlling. In this modern age woman have comfortable options with the new fabrics offering firm control and targeting specific areas. You will be amazed by the INSTANT change to your body.

I think the best side effect of wearing a slimmer undergarment, aside from looking smoother, is great posture. As these undergarments hold you in they also hold you upright. There is nothing more beautiful than good posture. You may not have thought about this but the Hollywood beauties NEVER slouch.

Give a slimmer a try and you will look your best this Christmas and New Year.

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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

How a bra is sized.

Bra sizes are quite confusing. The bra size is determined by two measurements. There is a number and a letter. The number is the size around your ribcage. This is important for choosing a good fitting bra. This number is NOT your measurement around your body. Oh no, that would be too simple. The ribcage measurement has 4 inches added then the size issued.

The cup sizing is given a letter to denote the fullness of the breast. The letter relates to the difference between the breast measurement and the bust measurement. This starts at an A,B,C,D and then repeats as in DD, DDD, E, F, G……This system was first created by Warner bra in 1935. It enabled a standard for manufacturing and is still used today.

The combination of ribcage and breast volume are described as 36DD for example.
The little known reality of this sizing system is that as the band size increases so does the cup sizing. If you compare a 36D bra with 48D bra you might expect the cup sizes to be the same. They are both a D cup but the size 48D will be larger than a 36D.

( See the Black Goddess bra from the photo )

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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Rigby and Peller vintage style bullet bra

I wanted to spotlight this new retro design because I think it is just adorable.

Rigby and Peller are a London, England based foundation garment company celebrating 70 years in business. They have commissioned a special, limited edition set to commemorate their longevity.

I would not wear it, I would not pay 300 dollars for it but I LOVE it. I think this was so beautifully done that it deserves admiring.

They have taken a very strange yet popular bra style from the 50’s and revamped it in a seductive soft pink satin. The conical bra originally looked bullet proof in a heavy white nylon yet their version has a romantic and innocent appeal. Attention to historic form is shown in the stitching detail of the cups and placement of the seams.

The panties worn with the bra have a high waist and are covered in ruffles over the butt. This gives a childlike element that works wonderfully. The mood is perfectly cast in the photograph with the dusty light and tactile backdrop. It almost looks fluid.

At first glance I was taken by this photograph. As I have looked at it further I continue to be impressed by the sophistication of the presentation. All design elements come together in color, balance and style. This makes my mind wander through costume history. I picture a slower time with soft gentle light and structurally tailored clothes. This reminds me that I love beautiful lingerie and all it's vintage charm.

This is a visual treat for you. I know very few would wear this however many may appreciate the presentation and the satisfaction of viewing a fashion statement . This is a show piece lingerie set made for petite girls. The size range is 30C-34DD.

For all you fashionistas….enjoy!

It is available to order at Rigby and Peller

Would you wear this style of vintage bra?

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Monday, November 30, 2009

Crystal Renn - Plus Size Super Model publishes her story

Crystal Renn has just published her book ,

“Hungry: A Young Model's Story of Appetite, Ambition and the Ultimate Embrace of Curves” .

You have probably seen Crystal even if you do not recognize her name. Her photos can be seen in French, Italian, German and American Vogue, Vanity Fair, Glamour and Elle Canada and Italy. Crystal Renn is a super model and the world’s highest paid Plus Size model.

Crystal has achieved great success in a world dominated by the ulta-skinny. She is a plus size beauty with a voluptuous and seductive demeanour.

In 2005 Jean Paul Gaultier chose Crystal to close his Paris runway show and escort him down the catwalk to take his bow. This is a huge honor for any model and a ground breaking one for Plus size models. Plus size models have not been presented on the Paris runways. The average model wears a size 0-2 where Crystal is a size 12-14. She made quite a statement, looked gorgeous and complimented Jean Paul’s couture exquisitely.

In her book she talks about her struggles with body image and weight. At 14 she was discovered by a modeling scout and told to loose weight. After struggling with anorexia during her early career she took time away and has come to terms with the size she is intended to be. As a curvy woman she has created an amazing modeling sensation and is causing quite a stir.

Crystal Renn is truly a beautiful woman and photogenic model. I think we will continue to see a lot of her. She is a super model and needs no further classification than that!

You can purchase her book at

Quote from Crystal’s Time Magazine article
What do you hope other women will gain from this book?
      Women have come so far in the past 100 years. But what holds them back is lack of confidence and self-hatred. Those two things can affect every part of your life. I was at the lowest level you can be. It was only when I accepted myself that I managed to achieve [my goals] in life and work. Through this book, I want women to know that people in the [fashion] industry can relate to them too. Women struggle everywhere with their weight and their bodies, and no one talks about it. I wanted to speak for the unspoken.

Read more:,8599,1931990,00.html#ixzz0Y76U6FLeBrenda
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Friday, November 27, 2009

Basic bras that should be in every women’s top drawer.


Every woman should have these basic bras in their lingerie drawer. If you have one bra and wear it everyday…stop right now! There are a few basics that are a must for every woman. In order to look your best you must have certain bras for different outfits.

You cannot wear the same one everyday with every outfit. Rotating your bras makes them last much longer and makes you look and feel great. Feel free to add to this with other fun and fancy bras. This will be a good basic guide to start.

  1. T-shirt bra - This is now the standard bra. This is a new name for a formed, padded bra that has no detail on the outside. These styles are ultimately smooth and will not show lace or seams through fabric. It is a must for under t-shirts and fine fabrics. Many of the newest and most beautiful fabrics are very fine and show even the slightest seam. These come in lots of great colors or you may choose to have this in your skin tone or black.
  2. Everyday, basic white bra - Although this a basic go wild, this is the old standard so go with lace and a pretty style. Make sure it is comfortable and supportive for everyday wear.
  3. Skin colored bra - A bra that is a close match to your skin color is wonderful to have. A white bra will often show through your clothing but a skin tone will nicely blend in and fade away.
  4. Convertible bra - This bra is designed so the straps can be removed. This style will come with extra long straps for a cross shape in the back. This becomes a strapless bra for evening wear. Most importantly it becomes many fashion statements when worn with the newest trend of decorated and clear bra straps. I first noticed clear straps a few years ago when I was in the Caribbean. They were the best idea for little summer dresses that have skinny straps if you do not want a strapless bra. This is also a good one to have in black. Most often if you need a strapless it will be for a black dress. This may not be available for you if you wear over a 44DD. These bras do not offer enough support. Click here to see a great convertable style for plus sizes.
  5. A fun, colourful, playful lace feminine bra and panty set. Everyone needs an extra feminine set to make you feel like a diva.
So now you should have a nice selection to choose from for each day.

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Thursday, November 26, 2009

Nipple covers - not just for pole dancing!

I am sure everyone has seen photos of the prototype exotic dancer wearing pasties with long tassels attached. When you hear nipple covers I am sure that is what comes to mind.

Did you know that nipple covers actually have a functional job to do? They are very useful to many plus size women and are kept a secret unless you have a wardrobe malfunction like Latoya…

These cute little items are used to hide erect nipples. With age, child rearing and climate comes the problem of nipples that show through everything even a padded bra. These can be worn to flatten and smooth you. They are wonderful to wear inside the bra or with dresses that have foundations built into them where you go braless.

You would never guess these are used as a means of being modest. They come in simple styles or really fun ones depending on your character.

Most of a woman’s wardrobe would camouflage this physical display except for the thin knits and smooth fitting garments so often worn around Christmas time.

This is not a new technique. For years bandages have been used by models for runway fashion shows and photo shoots. Nipple covers are cute and much easier to remove!

Even in today’s liberated climate it is unacceptable to show erect nipples on prime time TV, except for “Desperate Housewives” somehow they seem to be exempt. In the film industry these are commonly used to guarantee the actress does not show through the costumes if it is a G rating wanted for the show.

We have all heard the endless supply of jokes revolving around nipples. Don’t be part of that. Have a look at your wardrobe and decide if you could use these secret little helpers. You will be amazed and remember the Hollywood stars use them too.

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Monday, November 23, 2009

Caution - Camera flashes can reveal your underwear.

Christmas is coming and tis the season to dress up in your finest and go out. We put time, energy and thought into what we will wear to these special occasions.

I want to warn you to think below the surface.

New fabrics in today’s fashions have many wonderful properties for comfort and easy care. The fashion trends are soft and body hugging. When you stand in front of the mirror at home your outfit looks fantastic! You will feel great and be ready for a memorable night.

Don’t forget to consider what is underneath the Christmas outfit. When the cameras start clicking and flashes start popping they may be recording more than your smile.

White is the worst lingerie for showing through fabrics under lights however many garments now become sheer.

As you can see from my friend’s picture even dark colors will show. No one had any idea she was wearing such a gorgeous floral black bra until we saw the photos. She is also fair and even her tummy showed through. She does not actually have a tummy, as you can see …….

The old fashioned rule of wearing dark lingerie under dark applies here. It becomes even more important with the new fabrics and fashions. Sometimes a camisole or slimmer is a must.

White will often pop and shine through fabrics in photographs. If a dark undergarment is not possible then choose a skin tone item. Match as closely as you can to your skin shade and you will then have a solid color showing through in the photos. It will not show your bra as bluntly.

Hold your garment up to the light before you put it on. That will give you an indication of how fine it is and how much the light will penetrate it.

A little extra planning will make you feel much better when you see yourself in the photos of the holidays. Start planning from the inside out so you only expose what you intend to.

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Thursday, November 19, 2009

2 for 1 ratio - Panties to Bra

Lets look at bra sets and value.

I don’t know about you but I love a fancy bra and panty that match. My favorite being lace in unusual colors even if it is under my jeans and sweaters. It makes me feel feminine and fashion forward.

Most women buy a set, bra and panties to match. This is wonderful to have and wear but will become a problem as the garments wear out. The fabric will break down with laundering so you will soon have a beautiful bra and a worn out pair of panties. Next you will be wearing your fabulous bra with your everyday cotton panties. This is not fashion forward!

My advise, when buying a set, is the 2 for 1 ratio. Buy 2 panties to match the bra. It may seem extravagant at the time but this will actually double the life of the panties so they will live as long as the bra. Panties are washed so much more than the bra. Colors do not usually fade in the lingerie fabrics but the lycra does breakdown and bag out. This is not pretty.

With the 2 for 1 ratio you extend the life of the set as a unit. The great advantage to this is in buying 2 styles of panty. You never wear the same style of panty with every outfit. Many sets will have a choice of panty styles. Why not have one boy short and one full panty? Or a bikini and a thong? Never overlook the full brief with tummy control, it may look old fashioned but it really holds you in!    

Karina Bra and Panties

Then you are set for jeans or the knit dress. Panties define your shape just as a bra does so remember to choose so you complement your outfit. It does make a huge difference.

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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Does Santa wear RED underwear?

We know Santa wears RED and looks marvellous in it. We see photographs, illustrations and paintings of the jolly old elf in his RED suit. Have you ever wondered what he wears under his Crimson velvet costume?

Does he wear tighty whities,, boxers with snowflake prints or fancy Italian RED bikinis? I guess we will never know.

Nothing gets you in the Christmas spirit like RED! Why not give your Santa a little Christmas surprise when you wear RED lingerie? Maybe you will wear it to the company Christmas party and no one will see it or maybe you will wear it after the stockings are hung and all the toys have been assembled.

There are wonderful items of lingerie in RED lace. Wear a little or wear a lot. How fun….

Whether Santa sees you or not it is very sensual to wear RED lingerie. Even if it is hidden under your Christmas party dress, it is still RED! You will stand taller and walk sexier because you know you are wearing RED lingerie. Boost your self esteem, get in the Christmas spirit and wear RED. Do it for your Santa or do it for yourself.

Christmas is coming. Ho-Ho-Ho

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Saturday, November 14, 2009

The Bra Fence

Outside of a small town, in the small country of New Zealand, in the Cardrona Valley, you will find the quirky tourist attraction that has sparked great interest. “The Bra Fence.”

It is a bit of a mystery as to it’s origins but it has been a controversial addition to the local landscape. Being the most highly photographed place in the area it is loved by some, hated by some yet intriguing to all.

The Bra Fence began in the final days of 1999 when 4 women’s bras mysteriously were clipped onto a long roadside fence. Why? No one knows.

News of this spread through the community and more bras appeared. News spread further and more bras appeared. Now there were 60 bras on the fence.

This became a news item in the local paper and more bras appeared. The number reached 200 and it became a country wide news item and more bras appeared. This strange little event had now become a tourist attraction. Many European countries printed articles about the Bra Fence and more bras appeared.

By 2006 there were 800 bras lining the road.  

Was this a tourist attraction, a traffic hazard or an eye sore? These questions became quite a controversy for this small town. Would you be tickled pink, as I was, or disgusted?

It amazes me how one tiny action can grow into something charming and quirky. Then it becomes a controversy.

This Bra Fence has seen much controversy. On more than one occasion bras were stolen, up to 200 at a time and petitions have been filed to have it removed.

In the end “eye sore” has won out and the council ordered the bras on the fence be removed. Oh well, I think it was a fun monument to the spirit of women, while it lasted!!!

Would you leave your bra on a fence for the world to photograph? Send me your comments!!!

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Friday, November 13, 2009

Wear your underwear backwards for good luck!

We all know many Friday the 13th superstitions but there are many more obscure ones. Did you know that an old superstition says if you are experiencing a run of bad luck, wear you underwear backwards until your luck changes? This is advice I have never been given, but may have to try it.

Friday the 13th is a double, unlucky day in the minds of many. The number 13 is an unlucky number and Friday was a bad day in times of old. British executions were typically held on Fridays with 13 steps leading to the gallows with 13 loops on the noose and a coven of witches numbered 12 plus the devil making 13. These are only two examples of the many facts from history that put a strong fear in the minds of the people.

Most people know to watch out for black cats, don’t walk under ladders, don’t break a mirror and if you grew up in my house, don’t open a can of food upside down. If you do, throw it out immediately or it will sink the boat.

Here are a few superstitions involving underwear that you may not have heard of but may come in handy. In order to attract a man simply place Valarian leaves in your bra and panties. Then if a woman wants to marry she should borrow some underwear from a newly married woman and she will be married within a year.

My grandmother always told me to put my school books under my pillow and when I woke I would have absorbed all the book's knowledge. If you put your petticoat under your pillow you will dream of the man you are going to marry.

Enjoy these recommendation for the modern woman. Don’t open your umbrella in the house and have a lucky Friday the 13th……..

What was your best family superstition? Send me a comment for good luck.

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Wartime Bras - Make do and mend.

It was just Remembrance Day. The day to remember and honor all who sacrificed so much during those hard years.

This has made me contemplate life at that time. The lifestyle, the music, the fashions and the lingerie situation during the war years. Every aspect of human existence was impacted by war, including lingerie.

The major influence on all clothing, during the war, was the rationing of most products including fabrics. There was a small variety of fabrics available, to begin with, and most of them were being used in the war efforts. The most obvious being wools and cottons used for uniforms. The most popular fabric used for lingerie at the time was silk and it was being used in massive quantities for parachutes. It was rationed and saved for military use. Nylon was later perfected for use as a replacement for silk in parachutes. Some nylon and rayon were also used in lingerie manufacturing.

Bras of the day were called “utility bras” and were functional, durable and simple. They were often made in cotton mostly of a soft pink shade. If you happened to be in the military, a utility bra was part of your military issue uniform.

Women turned to making their own lingerie out of necessity. Bras were often not available to buy except by special order and who had money for that anyway. Foundation garment manufacturers started to manufacture tents and parachutes in order to stay in business, so could only make their lingerie by special order.

The catch phrase in England was “make do and mend”. Women were inspired to make their own garments from old clothing, wedding gowns, and hand me downs. If a parachute was discarded or found it was a prize to be used for many things including bras and panties.

This was such a terrible time in history yet I can’t help being charmed by the fashions of the era including the lingerie. The 1940’s continue to be one of my favorite fashion eras and always will.

Owner/Designer & Fashion Consultant
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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Plus Size Microfiber Panties

Microfiber is a new age fabric that is being used in many garments but is the perfect fabric for undergarments. There are several reason’s for this with the main being it’s strength yet ultra light weight.

The weight of this fabric is less than 1 denier. The denier is the measure of weight of a fiber. As you can imagine less than one is ultimately thin. This , of course, means that you can wear a bikini or full panty without wearing any bulk. The panties made from microfiber most often eliminate seams and bulky elastic waistbands to give an invisible silhouette under most garments.

This fabric was developed by scientists in the 1950’s. It was not introduced to the general public until the 1990’s. Sweden was the first to embrace this modern fabric as a space age sports fabric. The properties of this fabric work very well for active wear.

  • It is ultimately thin with a great deal of stretch for comfort.

  • It has a wonderful ability to wick moisture away from the body making it extremely comfortable to wear and keeping the body dry.
  • It is so soft to the touch and fantastically comfortable to wear.
  • It is strong, durable and long lasting.
  • High stretch and elasticity.
Microfibers can be made from polyester, nylon or a combination of both. It lasts a long time, washes easily, doesn’t wrinkle and is very strong. Add that to the moisture wicking property and is it a surprise that this fabric would lend itself to lingerie so remarkably well.

High cut microfiber panty  look at the styles available at

 Plus Size Microfiber Full Panty
other styles include boyshorts, bikini and thong all in microfiber up to size 3XL

Monday, November 9, 2009

Woman in Paris

I was in Paris this summer and I love Paris. It is now my favourite place in the world. Women in Paris really know how to age beautifully. I was sitting in a charming café having ordered a glass of champagne at lunch time….. I was on holiday and although it seemed very extravagant to order champagne at lunch, no one else seemed to even notice. That is Paris.

I was relaxing, enjoying the street activity outside. The owner of the café was wandering from table to table chatting with patrons. She appeared to be in her mid to late sixties, tall, slim, fashionable and very French. She wore a vibrant blue, thin slinky knit dress in a body hugging low cut style. She wore high heel shoes in red leather, of course. I was contemplating the unique way Parisian women are sexy and regal at all ages. As I was admiring her back from my table, she bent forward to remove a wine glass and I was thunderstruck! Through the sensual knit fabric of her dress showed the heavy lace of the thong she wore.

How wonderful. Mid sixties, high heels and a thong….. I want to be French!

Do you have a city that inspires you?  Send me a comment and tell me about it.

Owner, Designer & Fashion Consultant

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Decorative, Fashion Trend Bra Straps

Have you ever worn a top or dress that constantly reveals your bra? Instead of being frustrated why not embrace it and add an extra fashion surprise.

Although it has become common to have your bra strap showing it is still nice to have it match your outfit. These decorated straps replace the regular straps of your bra. That also means you must have a bra with removable straps. A convertible bra is a good one to use as it already comes with a couple of different straps of different lengths and the ability to remove them.

The holiday season is coming and this new fashion trend is a great addition.  Rhinestone, crystal and pearl straps have a distinctly formal flare. Why not make a statement? Picture yourself in the simple black dress, as you move a flash of crystal appears as your bra strap shows. Now that is interesting!

I would not want to wear these everyday but love to wear them for fun. The first time I wore them, I had a pair of straps with sequins on them. I wore them with a colored summer tank top and jeans. I was having lunch with girl friends who kept sneaking a look at the straps. It was not long until one of them said,” Is that your bra?”

Go ahead, surprise yourself and a couple of buddies. Have fun!

Owner, Designer & Fashion Consultant
Look at all the bra strap styles

Friday, November 6, 2009

Life cycle of the Plus Size Bra.

It may still look pretty, you fondly remember when it was brand new, you dread the prospect of shopping for a new bra, you think it will be fine for a few more months, but the time may have come to say goodbye to your favourite bra.

The big question is,” how do you know?"  Here are a few tell tale signs that will help you to keep it or chuck it.

You may need to look closely but you will start to see thin patches in the lycra. The lace details will get small splits and holes between the patterns. The straps will start to loose their elasticity. Sometimes the edges will even get a ruffled look. Moulded cups begin to loose the form. The entire bra will just have less support. You probably don’t even remember how much support the bra had when you bought it. If your bra is beginning to show these signs, it is time to invest in a new bra.

The average life of a bra is a year to a year and a half. You can extend the life of the bra by careful washing and hanging it to dry. The worst killer of lycra is heat. Primarily the intense heat of a dryer. A bra will also last longer if you do not wear it everyday. Everyone needs a few basic bras to rotate and match to the appropriate garment.

You will feel better and look better in a functioning, support bra.

What are the signs showing on your bra? Send me your comments.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Does your Plus Size Bra fit properly?

 A properly fitting plus size bra is such a difficult task. So many women wear an ill fitting bra and don’t even know it. Most also tend to wear the same size their entire life. Many changes over a lifetime change a woman’s bra size.

This short checklist will tell you if you are wearing the correct bra.
  • The center front of the bra is sitting close to, or right against the breast bone.
  • The band around your ribcage sits parallel to the floor. It is snug, comfortable and does not ride up.
  • The straps do not dig into your shoulder and you can easily run your finger along under the strap.
  • The cups sit smoothly.
Most women believe that the straps support the bra. This is not the case. The majority of the support comes from the band. The band holds the bra in place. Make sure the bra fits you when it is closed to the largest setting of hooks. This will give you 2 more hooks to tighten the bra as the fabric relaxes when the bra ages.

It is easy to know if the band is too small as it will be tight and uncomfortable. Buy a larger band size.

It is not as easy to recognize that the band is too large. The most common problem is the band riding up. This is because it is not tight enough so the weight of the breasts fall forward pulling the band up in the back. This is a common problem for Plus Size Women. The reaction is to tighten the straps and then they really dig in. Another sign is the breasts fall out under the bra. Buy a smaller band size.

You must also remember that a larger band size will have a larger cup even if it is the same cup size. You may need to change your cup size as well. It is a size grading feature that changes the cup size as you grade up to larger sizes. Although a 34C and a 42C are both C cups the 42C cup will be much larger.

It takes a bit of effort to find the correct bra but well worth the work.


Monday, November 2, 2009

Playtexfits - Playtex intimate apparel gives you the support and comfort you need in every moment of your life.

Playtexfits - Playtex intimate apparel gives you the support and comfort you need in every moment of your life.

Slim and smooth your body with Plus Size Body Shapers

Look at all the styles                                                                              We are entering fall and getting close to the holiday season. Most of us attend more social events and dress up more often. It is important to look your best so why not use some hidden slimmers. The newest trend in lingerie are body shapers. These new garments smooth, slim and sculpt your body. If you have not tried these, now is the time!
Many body areas are targeted so you can choose to enhance the areas that bother you the most. Is it your hips, tummy, or just a little roll here or there? Slim down all over or just in the target area.
The body shapers are used on the "red carpet" as well as by us regular folks.

Thanks to new fabric technology the body shapers are comfortable to wear and do the job.
Go ahead, pull out your best dresses, thin tops and see a new you with plus size body shapers hidden under your fashions.


Plus Size Panty Shapers

Plus Size Panty Shapers


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