Friday, November 27, 2009

Basic bras that should be in every women’s top drawer.


Every woman should have these basic bras in their lingerie drawer. If you have one bra and wear it everyday…stop right now! There are a few basics that are a must for every woman. In order to look your best you must have certain bras for different outfits.

You cannot wear the same one everyday with every outfit. Rotating your bras makes them last much longer and makes you look and feel great. Feel free to add to this with other fun and fancy bras. This will be a good basic guide to start.

  1. T-shirt bra - This is now the standard bra. This is a new name for a formed, padded bra that has no detail on the outside. These styles are ultimately smooth and will not show lace or seams through fabric. It is a must for under t-shirts and fine fabrics. Many of the newest and most beautiful fabrics are very fine and show even the slightest seam. These come in lots of great colors or you may choose to have this in your skin tone or black.
  2. Everyday, basic white bra - Although this a basic go wild, this is the old standard so go with lace and a pretty style. Make sure it is comfortable and supportive for everyday wear.
  3. Skin colored bra - A bra that is a close match to your skin color is wonderful to have. A white bra will often show through your clothing but a skin tone will nicely blend in and fade away.
  4. Convertible bra - This bra is designed so the straps can be removed. This style will come with extra long straps for a cross shape in the back. This becomes a strapless bra for evening wear. Most importantly it becomes many fashion statements when worn with the newest trend of decorated and clear bra straps. I first noticed clear straps a few years ago when I was in the Caribbean. They were the best idea for little summer dresses that have skinny straps if you do not want a strapless bra. This is also a good one to have in black. Most often if you need a strapless it will be for a black dress. This may not be available for you if you wear over a 44DD. These bras do not offer enough support. Click here to see a great convertable style for plus sizes.
  5. A fun, colourful, playful lace feminine bra and panty set. Everyone needs an extra feminine set to make you feel like a diva.
So now you should have a nice selection to choose from for each day.

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