Saturday, November 14, 2009

The Bra Fence

Outside of a small town, in the small country of New Zealand, in the Cardrona Valley, you will find the quirky tourist attraction that has sparked great interest. “The Bra Fence.”

It is a bit of a mystery as to it’s origins but it has been a controversial addition to the local landscape. Being the most highly photographed place in the area it is loved by some, hated by some yet intriguing to all.

The Bra Fence began in the final days of 1999 when 4 women’s bras mysteriously were clipped onto a long roadside fence. Why? No one knows.

News of this spread through the community and more bras appeared. News spread further and more bras appeared. Now there were 60 bras on the fence.

This became a news item in the local paper and more bras appeared. The number reached 200 and it became a country wide news item and more bras appeared. This strange little event had now become a tourist attraction. Many European countries printed articles about the Bra Fence and more bras appeared.

By 2006 there were 800 bras lining the road.  

Was this a tourist attraction, a traffic hazard or an eye sore? These questions became quite a controversy for this small town. Would you be tickled pink, as I was, or disgusted?

It amazes me how one tiny action can grow into something charming and quirky. Then it becomes a controversy.

This Bra Fence has seen much controversy. On more than one occasion bras were stolen, up to 200 at a time and petitions have been filed to have it removed.

In the end “eye sore” has won out and the council ordered the bras on the fence be removed. Oh well, I think it was a fun monument to the spirit of women, while it lasted!!!

Would you leave your bra on a fence for the world to photograph? Send me your comments!!!

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