Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Does Santa wear RED underwear?

We know Santa wears RED and looks marvellous in it. We see photographs, illustrations and paintings of the jolly old elf in his RED suit. Have you ever wondered what he wears under his Crimson velvet costume?

Does he wear tighty whities,, boxers with snowflake prints or fancy Italian RED bikinis? I guess we will never know.

Nothing gets you in the Christmas spirit like RED! Why not give your Santa a little Christmas surprise when you wear RED lingerie? Maybe you will wear it to the company Christmas party and no one will see it or maybe you will wear it after the stockings are hung and all the toys have been assembled.

There are wonderful items of lingerie in RED lace. Wear a little or wear a lot. How fun….

Whether Santa sees you or not it is very sensual to wear RED lingerie. Even if it is hidden under your Christmas party dress, it is still RED! You will stand taller and walk sexier because you know you are wearing RED lingerie. Boost your self esteem, get in the Christmas spirit and wear RED. Do it for your Santa or do it for yourself.

Christmas is coming. Ho-Ho-Ho

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  1. I love your plus size website and the blogs are really fun and interesting. Love the Bra fence.


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