Thursday, November 5, 2009

Does your Plus Size Bra fit properly?

 A properly fitting plus size bra is such a difficult task. So many women wear an ill fitting bra and don’t even know it. Most also tend to wear the same size their entire life. Many changes over a lifetime change a woman’s bra size.

This short checklist will tell you if you are wearing the correct bra.
  • The center front of the bra is sitting close to, or right against the breast bone.
  • The band around your ribcage sits parallel to the floor. It is snug, comfortable and does not ride up.
  • The straps do not dig into your shoulder and you can easily run your finger along under the strap.
  • The cups sit smoothly.
Most women believe that the straps support the bra. This is not the case. The majority of the support comes from the band. The band holds the bra in place. Make sure the bra fits you when it is closed to the largest setting of hooks. This will give you 2 more hooks to tighten the bra as the fabric relaxes when the bra ages.

It is easy to know if the band is too small as it will be tight and uncomfortable. Buy a larger band size.

It is not as easy to recognize that the band is too large. The most common problem is the band riding up. This is because it is not tight enough so the weight of the breasts fall forward pulling the band up in the back. This is a common problem for Plus Size Women. The reaction is to tighten the straps and then they really dig in. Another sign is the breasts fall out under the bra. Buy a smaller band size.

You must also remember that a larger band size will have a larger cup even if it is the same cup size. You may need to change your cup size as well. It is a size grading feature that changes the cup size as you grade up to larger sizes. Although a 34C and a 42C are both C cups the 42C cup will be much larger.

It takes a bit of effort to find the correct bra but well worth the work.


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