Thursday, November 26, 2009

Nipple covers - not just for pole dancing!

I am sure everyone has seen photos of the prototype exotic dancer wearing pasties with long tassels attached. When you hear nipple covers I am sure that is what comes to mind.

Did you know that nipple covers actually have a functional job to do? They are very useful to many plus size women and are kept a secret unless you have a wardrobe malfunction like Latoya…

These cute little items are used to hide erect nipples. With age, child rearing and climate comes the problem of nipples that show through everything even a padded bra. These can be worn to flatten and smooth you. They are wonderful to wear inside the bra or with dresses that have foundations built into them where you go braless.

You would never guess these are used as a means of being modest. They come in simple styles or really fun ones depending on your character.

Most of a woman’s wardrobe would camouflage this physical display except for the thin knits and smooth fitting garments so often worn around Christmas time.

This is not a new technique. For years bandages have been used by models for runway fashion shows and photo shoots. Nipple covers are cute and much easier to remove!

Even in today’s liberated climate it is unacceptable to show erect nipples on prime time TV, except for “Desperate Housewives” somehow they seem to be exempt. In the film industry these are commonly used to guarantee the actress does not show through the costumes if it is a G rating wanted for the show.

We have all heard the endless supply of jokes revolving around nipples. Don’t be part of that. Have a look at your wardrobe and decide if you could use these secret little helpers. You will be amazed and remember the Hollywood stars use them too.

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  1. Hello Brenda, I so enjoyed your blog about shopping, I am one of those thousand trips to the store to buy my gifts and end up with 3 gifts for someone and 0 for someone else so off I go again to either correct my list or top up the other person gifts to make it equal. what a nightmare, After buying what I thought was a lovely dress I discovered what I should have bought was some of your shapers first. Must add that to my list.....Merry Christmas.


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