Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Plus Size Microfiber Panties

Microfiber is a new age fabric that is being used in many garments but is the perfect fabric for undergarments. There are several reason’s for this with the main being it’s strength yet ultra light weight.

The weight of this fabric is less than 1 denier. The denier is the measure of weight of a fiber. As you can imagine less than one is ultimately thin. This , of course, means that you can wear a bikini or full panty without wearing any bulk. The panties made from microfiber most often eliminate seams and bulky elastic waistbands to give an invisible silhouette under most garments.

This fabric was developed by scientists in the 1950’s. It was not introduced to the general public until the 1990’s. Sweden was the first to embrace this modern fabric as a space age sports fabric. The properties of this fabric work very well for active wear.

  • It is ultimately thin with a great deal of stretch for comfort.

  • It has a wonderful ability to wick moisture away from the body making it extremely comfortable to wear and keeping the body dry.
  • It is so soft to the touch and fantastically comfortable to wear.
  • It is strong, durable and long lasting.
  • High stretch and elasticity.
Microfibers can be made from polyester, nylon or a combination of both. It lasts a long time, washes easily, doesn’t wrinkle and is very strong. Add that to the moisture wicking property and is it a surprise that this fabric would lend itself to lingerie so remarkably well.

High cut microfiber panty  look at the styles available at http://www.plussizebrasandpanties.com/

 Plus Size Microfiber Full Panty
other styles include boyshorts, bikini and thong all in microfiber up to size 3XL

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