Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Rigby and Peller vintage style bullet bra

I wanted to spotlight this new retro design because I think it is just adorable.

Rigby and Peller are a London, England based foundation garment company celebrating 70 years in business. They have commissioned a special, limited edition set to commemorate their longevity.

I would not wear it, I would not pay 300 dollars for it but I LOVE it. I think this was so beautifully done that it deserves admiring.

They have taken a very strange yet popular bra style from the 50’s and revamped it in a seductive soft pink satin. The conical bra originally looked bullet proof in a heavy white nylon yet their version has a romantic and innocent appeal. Attention to historic form is shown in the stitching detail of the cups and placement of the seams.

The panties worn with the bra have a high waist and are covered in ruffles over the butt. This gives a childlike element that works wonderfully. The mood is perfectly cast in the photograph with the dusty light and tactile backdrop. It almost looks fluid.

At first glance I was taken by this photograph. As I have looked at it further I continue to be impressed by the sophistication of the presentation. All design elements come together in color, balance and style. This makes my mind wander through costume history. I picture a slower time with soft gentle light and structurally tailored clothes. This reminds me that I love beautiful lingerie and all it's vintage charm.

This is a visual treat for you. I know very few would wear this however many may appreciate the presentation and the satisfaction of viewing a fashion statement . This is a show piece lingerie set made for petite girls. The size range is 30C-34DD.

For all you fashionistas….enjoy!

It is available to order at Rigby and Peller

Would you wear this style of vintage bra?

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