Monday, February 1, 2010

Fantastic Queen Size Stockings & Garter Belt

The most outstanding Queen Size stockings available. I vote them #1.

This revolutionary design incorporates a high quality thigh high pair of stockings with a beautiful lace garter belt. It is all-in-one for comfort and style. The high quality of these stockings make them a special treat.

Exquisite narrow lace garters hold the stockings in place. A matching lace in a wide design becomes the garter belt. The waistband lace is elegant in style and the broad lace sits beautifully on the waist.

Berkshire Trend Queen Size products are unique in that they are created specially for the full figured woman. They have given extra attention to fitting the larger silhouette in all aspects.

Poor fitting stockings or nylons will pull down, twist, bind or run. There is nothing better than a good fitting garment and hosiery in no exception..

These beauties are available in red or black or white!

If you have never tried these stockings... you must! A fantastic, elegant stocking for fancy dress up or just because. Berkshire stockings are the top quality, great fitting, sexy stocking that feels so special to wear.

A perfect Valentine’s Day surprise. Imagine these in red with red or black bra and panties.  Wow.


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  1. It looks good with the beautiful lace. Tempted to buy already!


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