Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Tyra recommended Plus Size Front Closure Bra

Recommended by the Tyra Banks Show on "Picking the Right Bra and Panty" episode.

Most women choose front closure or back closure, as to what feels natural to them, and stick with it for life. It is just like sleepwear choices, a night gown verses Pjs. It is what feels right.

Plus size women have traditionally not had a great choice so most wear a back closure bra by default.

Playtex bras have solved this problem by taking their best selling plus size bra and creating this great variation on a good thing. They have keep the best features that give a wonderful fit and maximum support. To this they added a popular detail not often found in plus size bras - FRONT CLOSURE. This is sometimes called spa styling - I still have no idea why. In the front they added large hooks and eyes that lie flat and are easy to close.

The choice of front verses back closure can just be a personal preference however if you have mobility issues in your arms, shoulders or fingers a front closure bra can be a lifesaver.

The Playtex 18 hour Easier on Front Closure with Flex Back is available is sizes from 36B through 54DDD. The three color choices are black, white and light beige in a comfortable microfiber fabric in a floral woven print.

The name mentions Flex back. This is a new design of elastic that criss crosses the back and helps to hide back fat by smoothing the back and sides. This has become a common problem with many of the trendy thin knits and body hugging styles that reveal every fold our body produces.

This bra has it all. Comfort, support, moisture wicking fabric, back control, front closure and pretty.

What is your closure of choice? Post it below.

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Monday, March 22, 2010

A bad hair is in the eye of the beholder.

On the weekend I met this charming young lady named Nina and her beautiful mom. My husband and I had taken a journey to the wonderful Harrison Hot Springs in BC, Canada.

We went to enjoy the healing waters of the natural mineral salts hot springs. It is a wonderful relaxing way to pamper the body and re-energise for the week ahead.

I was fortunate enough to meet Nina with her wild and wonderful hair. Being cursed, myself, with thin, straight hair I was mesmerized by the unruly fashion statement Nina was making.

Mom explained that Nina and Dad had spent the week together while she was in New York shopping with girl friends….lucky her! Nina and Dad had a great time but avoided the hair brushing chore thus the hair do.

Mom may think it is a bad hair day but I LOVE IT! “Nina, you made my day….

To investigate a stay in Harrison for yourself check out this site

                                     The beautiful Harrison Lake at noon and sunset.

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Friday, March 19, 2010

Bras for hard-to-find Plus Sizes

Plus Sized lingerie is difficult to find and the larger sizes within Plus Size are a real challenge.

The Goddess Bra Company manufactures bra styles specific for Plus Size women. They focus on the large cup styles. Theses styles offer encapsulating support and encourage back comfort. They are designed with tall front support panels, non stretch straps and 4 hook closures to aide in support.

In 1945 a woman named Helen Jacobson started this company because she could not find bras to fit her fuller figure. With her guidance they quickly became a leader in this market and still are today.

The company has been through many changes since 1945 and are now owned by Eveden Inc. Evenden is also the manufacturer of other high end lingerie brands such as Rigby & Peller and Fantasie based in the UK. If you know these brands you know they must be good proving the bras are beautifully made.  
Goddess bras are available in a nice style selection in sizes from 36DD thru 54F.  

Goddess has a “Special Order” program where large size bras can be ordered in their style range. This is great as the majority of stores do not stock these sizes. Plan ahead when you need something because it will take up to 3 weeks but you will be thrilled with the product.

Have you worn a Goddess Bra?

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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Spring is almost here

Every where I look these days I see the start of spring and it is inspiring. After winter clothes and deep colors it is enlightening to take in the pastel shades of spring.

Soft feminine hues are featured in the fashion trends for spring 2010. A quick and easy update to your wardrobe, that always adds a bit of fun, is gentle colored lingerie.

Put a little Spring in your walk with Plus Size Underwear in Easter colors like pale blue, pale pink, pale purple and pale green.

If you have any tips you’d like to share or comments please post them below.

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Monday, March 15, 2010

High Tech Bra Dryer

Bras and most lingerie should only be hung to dry as the intense heat of a dryer destroys the integrity of the garment. If you adore high tech gadgets and cannot wait for your bra to dry on a line, here is the perfect item for you.

A futuristic electric bra dryer. Scientists noted that in order to maintain the original shape of a bra it must dry on the body. They have developed this appliance that dries the bras using a low infrared heat and small fan to evaporates moisture until the fabric is dry. The bra is placed over silicone rubber breast shapes to mimic the body. The appliance comes with silicone breast shapes from size B to DD.

Will every household own one of these? I don’t think so. I, for one, own several bras and have no problem letting them dry on a small line in my laundry room.

My main question is, where do you put this? I love high tech gadgets but this is just too much.

Will you buy one of these? Tell me below.

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