Monday, March 15, 2010

High Tech Bra Dryer

Bras and most lingerie should only be hung to dry as the intense heat of a dryer destroys the integrity of the garment. If you adore high tech gadgets and cannot wait for your bra to dry on a line, here is the perfect item for you.

A futuristic electric bra dryer. Scientists noted that in order to maintain the original shape of a bra it must dry on the body. They have developed this appliance that dries the bras using a low infrared heat and small fan to evaporates moisture until the fabric is dry. The bra is placed over silicone rubber breast shapes to mimic the body. The appliance comes with silicone breast shapes from size B to DD.

Will every household own one of these? I don’t think so. I, for one, own several bras and have no problem letting them dry on a small line in my laundry room.

My main question is, where do you put this? I love high tech gadgets but this is just too much.

Will you buy one of these? Tell me below.

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  1. I don't see myself standing in line to purchase this, but it is a great idea. I hate how quickly bras lose their form, and this is a nice solution. At first scared me! If I ever do break down and buy one, it will probably be hidden in the basement to avoid people perceiving it as an ornament:)

  2. Thanks for reading my blog and commenting on it. I agree with the scary aspect of this appliance but I am also quite taken with it as you are.
    Come visit me again.

  3. Hey I couldn't but comment on this. So what's wrong with people perceiving it as something cool that they don't have? :)

    And what is scary about it besides the black color? What if it was pink?

  4. Pink?????? Now there is an idea!! I don't think the techie world has discovered designer colors yet but they should.
    Thanks for commenting.


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