Thursday, April 22, 2010

Top 5 Most Common Mistakes when Laundering Bras

  1. Machine washing - The repetitive motion and twisting of the washing machine is too rough on bras. The action will destroy the elastic properties of the lycra causing loss of support of the bra. Because the hooks in the back will be free to fly around they can snag on the lace of the bra or on other clothing. It only takes a small snag to develop into a large hole in lace. Detergents can be too destructive on the fine fabric used in bras.
  2. Machine Drying - The high heat of the dryer kills the elastics and lycra in lingerie. Tumbling around alone or with other items will cause snags and pulls of the lace. Pills along the straps will develop quickly.
  3. Dry Cleaning - The heavy chemicals that are used in dry cleaning will instantly break down the lycra and remove stretch leaving the undergarment baggy.
  4. Bleaching - You may be tempted to brighten your lingerie with bleach however this never works. Most lingerie now has synthetic materials that will turn yellow in reaction to bleach. It also kills the lycra and stretch fibers.
  5. Ironing - This is unnecessary and will damage the lace and elatistic of the bra.

Of course the best solution is to hand wash your lingerie and hang it to dry. If you are too busy to do this the next best solution is a lingerie washing bag. Put the items in the bag to protect them in the machine. Use low water temperature and no heat drying. A gentle cleaner works the best like a low soap natural liquid or hair shampoo.

This is the busy woman’s solution that works very well. This little gadget is also great for panties with lace details.

It sounds old fashioned to hand wash items but if you can find the time you will be astounded as to the difference it will make and how long your lingerie will last.

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  1. So many items (Spendy) actually require hand washing. We just go so used to the machine. Most clothes don't need as much soap as we put in too.

    All the Lane Bryant Bras I have purchased required Hand Washing.

  2. I have been using the mesh bag for several months now and I noticed with the Lingerie Wash Bag my bras comes out as good as new without losing any shape. The best part: There are no more annoying wire pops outs.


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