Wednesday, May 19, 2010

10 reasons I shop online

  •    Open 24/7
  •     Lower prices no over head
  •     Highly secure
  •     Fast checkout and no line ups
  •     No parking
  •     Delivered to my door
  •     Private
  •     Browse with hot coffee in hand
  •     Shopping the world is open to me, not just my local mall
  •     I find unique items not available to me where I live

Here are a couple of my newest purchases, my fashion forward Vivienne Tam laptop, my gorgeous bra and panty set  and  wild new bedroom linens .

Do you buy online?   What was the last item you bought?



  1. here here, I totally agree about the no line ups and parking! It's even better once you have bought from a site a few times as you know the product/s. I find I buy virtually all my books on line now!
    cheers Ruth

  2. Yeah I love online shopping! I'm a fan of it, and fortunately all of the transaction goes well.

  3. Thanks for sending me your blog and website. I have listed them on my website and on my blog plus added your blog to my blogroll. Looking forward to your helpful tips.


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