Sunday, May 9, 2010

Crystal Renn on the cover of Glamour

brooklyn-decker-alessandra-ambrosio-crystal-renn-glamour-june-2010 Crystal Renn is the most popular plus size model today. It is very exciting to witness Glamour, a main stream fashion magazine, present a cover highlighting models of all sizes.

I must admit that when I first saw the cover I did not recognise the models as being 3 different sizes and did not recognize Crystal either. This really shows how far fashion has come in celebrating diversity. Not far!

I admire Crystal Renn. I have written in the past about her career and the publishing of her book.  I think she is a beautiful model.  I am very disappointed in the Photoshop slimming of Crystal for the cover.  She does not require these changes to present a seductive, fashionable, couture image.

Crystal is 5”9 and 165 lbs wearing size 12-14.
Crystal says, “I want to be a model my way”

I guess the powers that be decide how she should look. Check out her photos and decide for yourself if she needs touching up.





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