Sunday, May 9, 2010

A Fashionista to Admire for a Lifetime

One of my first and strongest childhood fashion memories includes me lying in the middle of the our street refusing to get up.

My mother had dressed me and made me leave the house wearing pants with a very small patch on the knee. Although I was extremely young I remember being horrified that I would be forced to wear such unfashionable pants.

What was she thinking? What was she subjecting me to? How could my fashionable mother even think I could wear such pants? How could I survive this? I would have to remain on the road until my mother consented to change my clothes.

I really had no concept of fashion yet or did I?

I was born into a family of dressmakers. My mom and her mom before her created clothes for themselves, their family and often friends as well as customers. My mom would whip up wonderful outfits and wear them with flare.

The first fashionista in my life was and still remains my Mom. She graced my childhood in a glamorous, fashionable, fun way. I would watch the process as she chose a style to make, find the perfect fabric and spend the time sewing and fitting the garment. I would sit mesmerized by the hum of the sewing machine. Then the special event would arrive. I would stare as she teased her hair, applied her makeup and finally slipped on the masterpiece. She was beautiful. She inspired me and started me on my fashion path.

I grew up watching my Mom enjoying the changing fashions of the 60’s through to the present.  She taught me to sew, to appreciate quality fabrics and construction, to always be in style and to love fashion. She is as beautiful and fashionable today as she was in my first memories.

Happy Mother’s Day to my Fashionista Mom .

What has your Mom passed on to you? Tell me your story.
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  1. I love knowing this stuff about you! Who know that a plus-sized unders blog would give opportunities for such personal expression!

  2. Thanks Elea,
    Mother's Day always makes me think of my past. I did wander a bit off my topic but I am so glad you enjoyed it.
    Your blog looks at fashion with an artist's eye everyday. I really enjoy your outlook.
    Thanks again.


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