Monday, May 24, 2010

Look slimmer instantly with Plus Size Minimizer bras

A fast and easy way to look slimmer instantly is the minimzer bra. All big busted women should own a minimizer bra. These work wonders on your body shape. Most will reduce the bust size by up to 2”. This can drastically impact the look of your outfit.
Some women use these for special occasions and some wear them everyday. These bras work to hold the breast tightly to the body creating a slimmer silhouette while maintaining a beautiful shape.
Bali and Olga are two companies that make lovely minimizer bras at affordable prices. The styles are pretty and feminine to boot.

Here are 3 great choices to consider.
 Lace Desire by bali
 Lace Desire Minimizer Bra by Bali.  Gorgeous lace and delicate style details. Available in black and white sizes up to 42DDD.
passion for comfort bra
Passion for Comfort Seamless Minimizer Underwire by Bali. A smooth design great for wearing under t-shirts and thin fabrics. Comes in White, Toffee and Soft Taupe. Sizes up to 42DDD. Great tagless feature! Tracings Minimizer Bra
Satin Tracings Minimizer Bra by Bali.
Bali's ingenious design provides full coverage with bustline reduction up to 1 3/4”. A smooth style with feminine touches. Available in 4 colors, up to size 48DDD.

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  1. The thing I love about a minimizer is that it can cure the button-gap problem on a blouse you didn't think fit just right at the bust line.

  2. Question do these leave any cleavage? Everytime i try minimizers they end up showing like the cut is wrong for v necks or U necks

  3. L-O-V-E the Lace Desire by Bali. Thanks for the underwire and the elegant embroidery. It just makes you want to wear it daily. But mostly what I like about the Lace Desire Bra it can/will reduce my chest to 1¾” plus give me the support I need!......... Glad I was stumbling about the internet and found this!

  4. These are not only attractive minimizers but provide the support a lot of us BIG GIRLS want and need. Thanks for putting together a very tasteful collection of bras. It's great to know the first thing I put on in the morning is something wonderful and comfy! (BTW, I am a plus size 2x and proud!)


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