Friday, October 22, 2010

6 Spooky Sexy Plus Size Corsets- Costume Ideas

Halloween is just around the corner. Are you ready?
Finding the perfect Halloween costume idea is always a challenge. If you are heading off to a “grown up” party here are a few thoughts.

Why not put a sexy twist on Halloween? How often do you get the excuse to wear an amazing garment like the corset?
Take advantage by adding a corset to “old standard” costume ideas. lvg9074-orange-satin-overbust-corset-front-1A corset makes any garment outstanding, whether hidden underneath or worn on top as a focal point.

The added bonus to this costume choice is the slimming and shaping power of the corset. If you are going to dress up, why not look awesome at the same time? Step back in time and enjoy…..

Here are a few corsets and ideas that may take your costume from fun to FANTASTIC.
Pirate Wench – A waist corset gives the pirate silhouette. Add a peasant blouse and full skirt.  Don’t forget a pair of black boots and hook your skirt into your waist band so part of your leg shows.
Sports Woman – Now here is a surprising twist on the typical guys fishing/hunting garb. Don a baseball cap, flashlight and tin coffee cup.
PVC Fish Skin Corset – PVC puts a sexy twist to a corset. It adds a bit of Goth to the style. This corset could be used for many wild costumes.  Add black to become a Vampire, a matrix style warrior or a mermaid.  Be creative…                                                                                        
Here comes the Bride – Another PVC corset that comes with the veil. Add white boxer shorts or mini skirt and a fur coat or cape.
Be a Sexy Devil – This is my favorite corset for a costume. It is inexpensive, easy to wear and REALLY makes a statement. Add red pants and high heels or be very risqué and wear red fish net stockings with the garter.  (the garters are always detachable ) Red Wig or red hair spray? Go all out…. 

Remember it takes a couple of days to receive a corset so act fast, the witching hour is fast approaching.

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