Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween


Happy Halloween from Brenda.

Just recently I was deep in conversation about Halloween of the past. We were trying to remember what we, as kids and our pals had dressed as. As our memories flooded back we laughed and compared notes. There was not much variety.  Cowboys/girls, indians, ghosts, gypsies, doctors, hobos, robots and clowns. The common theme was “homemade” .

When I saw this picture I immediately recalled the smell of those plastic masks. How hot and sweaty they became and how you could hardly walk because you could not see!….or breathe!

285050908_ced3a05e9b_oWhat a great line up.

Casper the friendly ghost
 Bozo the clown
and my favorite – Planet of the apes

Now that is a blast from the past.

Have a great, spooky day and don’t eat too many treats. I already
had to run out and buy a new bag myself, I don’t know where they go…….

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