Saturday, October 9, 2010

The Long Silence

full moon in Paris
Full Moon in Paris
There has been a noticeable pause at .
Let me tell you why……I have been in Paris.

I have been away from my laptop and missing the comfort of being connected. I have, however, been in Fashion Overload. ….. How perfect!

A trip to Paris is an adventure in fashion and beauty. I am charmed by all the wonderful, tiny details that abound in the city of lights. Life unfolds as a slow ritual unchanged by the years.

cobblestones  paris 2010 840  endless red and white check

Difficult as it is I am back to life as I know it. I said goodbye to ancient cobblestone streets, red and white street cafes, priceless master pieces, champagne at lunch and haute couture window shopping.

So sad!

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