Saturday, November 20, 2010

Red Plus Size Garter Belt

SATURDAY STYLE – Garter belts in wild colors

I am inspired by Follow Friday (#FF) on Twitter. This is a day to share your likes with your followers. I enjoy seeing what my followers are reading.

I thought it would be interesting to spotlight one garment a week that is noteworthy. With holiday events and Christmas shopping upon us, this may give you some ideas.

Here is the first presentation.

Tisha Garter Belt  -  Retro Styling

520purple   CS520-TISHA-RED

Feature Details of Interest

  • Available up to size 7XL
  • Wonderful colors – Red, Purple, Black and White
  • 6 garters for holding the stockings in place
  • Adjustable garter length
  • Smooth design that will not shadow through clothing
  • Extra support panel over the hips and tummy for slimming
  • A great option if pantyhose fit you poorly
  • Fun and festive!
  • Stockings available in nude, black, RED, white
  • European made using high quality fabrics and fastenings
Click here to Check them out …..

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Friday, November 19, 2010

Decorate a Room with a Curtain Corset

Exploring the corset – Day 11

Corsets with a twist for home decorating.

Two styles of decorative curtain tieback with a historic corset detail.
I stumbled upon these corset accents for curtains. These would be a great addition to a romantic room.  The trick is that it is a pattern so you can make them yourself.

The designer, Liz Ware, created these patterns for use in her own custom drapery studio. She found that many other studios were also interested in offering unique items for their clients. For this reason she began producing patterns.

Fortunately for us, she also offers them to the public. As a pattern drafter and professional sewer myself, I was impressed with the details as well as the design. I love how the pattern above changes dramatically with the use of different fabrics. Same design, distinctly opposite atmosphere.
One pattern includes both styles shown, short and long.

Here is the description of the pattern:
Corseted Tiebacks - Pattern 2002
Two fabulous tiebacks, reminiscent of
feminine corsets.  One view laces up
the front through grommets, the other
view features button and ribbon
closures at the center.  Perfect for the
dramatic dining room or luxurious
boudoir.  Package includes patterns
and complete instructions.

If you are crafty,  creatively adventurous and a sewer you can purchase this wonderful pattern and make these for your own home. Check out her website.

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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Corsets by Dior

Exploring the Corset – Day 10

Christian Dior Paris Runway Show 2010.

Ultra feminine with old world French charm.  Gorgeous delicate lace over champagne colored silk. Although this was presented in 2010 it could be from years past.  I am taken by the romantic shape and elegant style.

The pure silk French dance pants ….what can I say? I want a pair.
Adding the corset to a floating skirt Dior creates a young flirty gown.
This tone on tone variation has the glamour of the 1950’s golden age.
A sophisticated look.
Is it my imagination or does this poor girl have a bandage on her knee? 

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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Corsets in Hermes Spring 2011

Exploring the Corset – Day 9
Hermes Paris Fashion Week Spring Summer 2011 lVJs9AI009_l

If you are an avid follower of fashion you have probably already seen the pictures from the spectacular Hermes Spring Runway Show at Paris Fashion Week.

If you are anything like me you will never tire of admiring the best of the best from Fashion Week. Enjoy these!

This fashion show incorporates so many things that I adore. The beautiful models dressed in Spanish influenced fashions, walked the runway as majestic horses performed as a backdrop.

Hermes Paris Fashion Week Spring Summer 2011 mS9CVp0e2vNlCorsets have made a huge comeback this season being shown by many designers.

Hermes head designer Jean Paul Gautier, one of my long time favorites, has presented corsets in a new light.  

He is showing exquisite leather corsets with minute details worn as an outer garment. You can just imagine how luscious they must feel to wear.

Hermes is out of most peoples budget but that should not stop you from recreating the look within your budget and modifying the look to suit your lifestyle. 
Hermes Paris Fashion Week Spring Summer 2011 tRLWa2lyGBelHermes Paris Fashion Week Spring Summer 2011 FSOxBYZ6jaMl
I love the waist corset over the fine, sheer floating dress. The combination of extremes makes a perfect match.
Hermes Paris Fashion Week Spring Summer 2011 8KEp_V3Zl3ql    Hermes Paris Fashion Week Spring Summer 2011 azaUL86clk1l
I was able to meander through Hermes Paris just days before Fashion Week. It was all energized with excitement and the fashion elite in Paris.

The store itself is like a museum.
paris 2010 1276
No where else can you admire handmade saddles one moment and   Kelly Bags the next.

If you have a moment check out the Hermes website. There is some fun stuff there. Click on the saddle photo to see the making of a saddle. Quite fascinating.

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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Plus Size Stockings–A Great Corset Accent

Exploring the Corset – Day 8

plus size stockings

No corset is complete without stockings.

This fun and sexy lamp proves the point. This lamp sits on the desk of a lingerie shop in Paris…..too adorable! Just perfect for the decor.

Stockings match a corset to a tee. All corsets come with detachable garters for stockings. I recommend Berkshire that creates a gorgeous line of stockings in plus sizes.

These are not fishnet like the lamp but a beautiful sheer lace top  or shimmery  thigh high style. The stockings come in black and white.

berkshire_hosiery_4909My favorite style, just because they are so unusual, is their unique stocking with a lace garter built in. This style comes in black, white and RED!
Remember that  the garters on the corset are removable so this style is a perfect fit.

Stockings are an everyday choice for many full figured women. Because plus size panty hose are often poor fitting, a stocking is a logical option for comfort.
The holiday season is coming and with it the time to dress up.

You may not want to wear a lampshade but you might like to experiment with a corset and stockings.

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Monday, November 15, 2010

Satin Corset Rainbow

Exploring the Corset – Day 7
lvg0874-red-satin-overbust-corset-backThe holiday season is sneaking up fast. I want to showcase a wonderful, easy to wear, great for Christmas corset.
Satin corsets come in a rainbow of colors.  A gorgeous, historic corset really becomes outstanding in a vibrant color.

lvg0874-shapercorset-white-satin-bridal-overbust-corset-back-3 Feed your inner siren, wear a corset in a color that enhances your passion.
* Wild Red
* Pure White
* Warm Orange
* Midnight Blue
* Sultry Black

Satin not only looks fantastic but has a practical function as well. The weave of satin creates a slippery outer surface.
When satin is woven the threads loop under one and over 3. This puts long slim threads on the surface the fabric.
Your gown or dress will not stick to this corset.  It is a smooth surface and luxurious to the touch that lets your gown fall as it is intended to do.

Choose a color to match your outfit or match your personality.
Start planning your formal outfit from the underwear out.
The beautiful satin corsets you are admiring are made to fit up to a waist size of 48”.

lvg0874-black-satin-overbust-corset-back-1The heavy steel bones create a straight, smooth and slimmed down silhouette. You will find a corset can reduce your size easily by 2-3 inches.
The more you wear a corset the tighter you can lace it. Your body must get accustomed to the support.

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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Pure Chocolate Corset

 Exploring the Corset - Day 6

This is real!

Corsets made from pure chocolate…. Not just one but two corsets made from chocolate.

chocolate corset Moscow
  This model is back stage in Moscow preparing for the runway at the Salon du       Chocolate show.

 This highlights a wonderful fashion innovation as well as extreme chocolate making skills.

 Notice the bows on the shoes are even made of chocolate.

    This delicious corset  is the ultimate in chocolate couture.

The Salon du Chocolate began 13 years ago. It is a showcase for hundreds of European chocolatiers where they let their imagination and creativity, go wild.

Although the biggest show is in Paris, there are also shows in New York, Tokyo and Moscow.

Fashion and Chocolate! What more do you need?

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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Looking back for Remembrance Day



 Click the link below to read this article.
                  War time Bras - Make do and mend.

wartime woman

wartime nurse

Click  to read
Wartime Bras – Make do and Mend

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Monday, November 8, 2010

A Short History of Corset Making

Exploring the Corset – Day 5

Corset making in centuries past, was serious business. Corset or stay making was considered heavy work and therefore not appropriate for women. All corsets were made by men/tailors. Corset fittingTailoring was also a heavy job, the “pressing” was considered too difficult a task for a woman.
France imposed many restrictions on fashion and trade.  A couturier, a female dressmaker, was not allowed to make a corset. Eventually, around the end of the 18th century, the restrictions were lighten and women were given the rights to produce corsets.

The construction of a corset is fascinating. Originally they were made from many layers of fabric. Most often linen, cotton and silk. The base fabric needed to be a very dense weave so that there was no stretch or give in the fabric.

cosret 1700The fabric was covered in a paste that stiffened it further. The corset was then hand stitched in small channels over the entire body. Whalebone was then slipped into all the channels.  You can see the stiffened rows on the pink corset shown here.

The whalebone was actually Baleen. It is not a bone but cartilage like strings from the roof of the whale’s mouth. One of the heaviest jobs was cutting the Baleen to fit and forcing it into the channels.

The edges of the corset were encased in silk ribbon and the eyelets for the laces were hand stitched in silk thread. Metal grommets for eyelets were not invented for years to come.

To make a corset was labor intensive and a work of art when completed.

Win a corset – enter here

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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Romantic Silk Corset

Exploring the corset – Day 4

I adore this antique silk corset from the 18th century. It is part of the Metropolitan Museum Costume Institute Collection. It is not on display at this time.

Items such as this are a treasure. There is not a huge collection of ancient clothing to study. The properties of textiles naturally breakdown and fall apart. Most old garments were subject to moisture and sunlight. Both killers of fabric. Most often now these items are safely stored to preserve them and only shown for special exhibits.
Heilbrunn corset
This is a beautiful example of the corset style of the 1700’s.  It is thought to have been Spanish in origin.  When corsets were first being worn they were elaborately covered in decorative fabrics. These corsets became a feature piece of a woman’s costume. It was not until later in history when the corset became an undergarment.

The corset was never worn on bare skin as they are today. The corset was always worn over a soft cotton or linen garment called the chemise. This, soft shirt like garment, would show slightly above the corset at the neck and extend to the knees. The more elaborate the details, the more wealthy the woman. The purpose of this garment was to protect the corset from the body. It was easy to wash a chemise but not a corset.
silk damask 2
This corset style waist is long in the front and short in the back. When it was worn the small tabs at the waist would spread open to accommodate the full skirt. The purpose of this corset was to keep the front bodice flat. The corsets were fitted with a stomacher, a solid plate of wood, metal or ivory that would slide in the front panel to keep it rigid.

The stomacher would often be carved and decorated beautifully even though it would never show. The pieces of the corset that fasten with the silver hooks would have been reinforced with bars called Busks.
The corset was originally called a stay. If you unlaced the back and open the hooks the corset was in 2 pieces. For this reason the corset was often called “a pair of stays”.
All women wore corsets. Not all were as lovely as this beautiful piece.

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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Wild and Wonderful Feather Corsets

Exploring the Corset - Day 3

The Peacock Blue Design studio creates these wild, show girl style corsets. The outstanding design feature is feather overlays. Both of these designs are traditional back lacing, over bust corsets. They have been entirely embellished with feathers and a sprinkling of Swarovski crystals. Ooh la la!

Lady Flamingo Corset Set

The feathers caught my attention. I immediately envisioned the feel of feathers, lined together over a fabric base, . It is luxurious. It you ever come across a vintage hat, from the 50’s, with feather overlays…pat it! It is so smooth to run your hands over. It was a common luxury to add feathers to garments and hats in the glamorous years gone by.
I think these corsets must have the same elegant feel.

The Lady Red Macaw Corset Set

Red lingerie of any style is eye catching but this combination is striking.
Take note of the neck pieces. These are actually neck corsets made with the same structure and laced up the back.

I know these are not something everyone needs in their lingerie drawer but they are beautiful, unique and fun to admire.

Both these sets sold for $1,300.00 each.

Take a moment to let your inner showgirl run wild. Think Vegas, Moulin Rouge, Crazy Horse… okay, that is probably enough!

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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Exploring the Corset–Day 2

c799 A-2

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Plus Size Bras and Panties Blog turns one

Happy Birthday
Today is my blog’s first birthday. I am thrilled to have arrived at this day.
When I began this project, I was so overwhelmed with the prospect of writing a blog about underwear only. My first thoughts were, “How on earth will I find enough to talk about?” Obviously that has not been a problem. I now have more to write about than time to write it.
This project has proven to be a source of enjoyment and fun for me. I love the research, the passing on of information, the interacting with great people, and spending time taking photographs.
I want to thank everyone who reads this blog and invite you all to come along for the next year.

Here is my birthday gift to my friends and followers
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