Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Corsets in Hermes Spring 2011

Exploring the Corset – Day 9
Hermes Paris Fashion Week Spring Summer 2011 lVJs9AI009_l

If you are an avid follower of fashion you have probably already seen the pictures from the spectacular Hermes Spring Runway Show at Paris Fashion Week.

If you are anything like me you will never tire of admiring the best of the best from Fashion Week. Enjoy these!

This fashion show incorporates so many things that I adore. The beautiful models dressed in Spanish influenced fashions, walked the runway as majestic horses performed as a backdrop.

Hermes Paris Fashion Week Spring Summer 2011 mS9CVp0e2vNlCorsets have made a huge comeback this season being shown by many designers.

Hermes head designer Jean Paul Gautier, one of my long time favorites, has presented corsets in a new light.  

He is showing exquisite leather corsets with minute details worn as an outer garment. You can just imagine how luscious they must feel to wear.

Hermes is out of most peoples budget but that should not stop you from recreating the look within your budget and modifying the look to suit your lifestyle. 
Hermes Paris Fashion Week Spring Summer 2011 tRLWa2lyGBelHermes Paris Fashion Week Spring Summer 2011 FSOxBYZ6jaMl
I love the waist corset over the fine, sheer floating dress. The combination of extremes makes a perfect match.
Hermes Paris Fashion Week Spring Summer 2011 8KEp_V3Zl3ql    Hermes Paris Fashion Week Spring Summer 2011 azaUL86clk1l
I was able to meander through Hermes Paris just days before Fashion Week. It was all energized with excitement and the fashion elite in Paris.

The store itself is like a museum.
paris 2010 1276
No where else can you admire handmade saddles one moment and   Kelly Bags the next.

If you have a moment check out the Hermes website. There is some fun stuff there. Click on the saddle photo to see the making of a saddle. Quite fascinating.

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  1. oh my gosh! they have the coolest runway ever, Hermes! i am a huge fan of these collections. look at those leathers and corsets - fab! so envious! =)

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