Friday, November 19, 2010

Decorate a Room with a Curtain Corset

Exploring the corset – Day 11

Corsets with a twist for home decorating.

Two styles of decorative curtain tieback with a historic corset detail.
I stumbled upon these corset accents for curtains. These would be a great addition to a romantic room.  The trick is that it is a pattern so you can make them yourself.

The designer, Liz Ware, created these patterns for use in her own custom drapery studio. She found that many other studios were also interested in offering unique items for their clients. For this reason she began producing patterns.

Fortunately for us, she also offers them to the public. As a pattern drafter and professional sewer myself, I was impressed with the details as well as the design. I love how the pattern above changes dramatically with the use of different fabrics. Same design, distinctly opposite atmosphere.
One pattern includes both styles shown, short and long.

Here is the description of the pattern:
Corseted Tiebacks - Pattern 2002
Two fabulous tiebacks, reminiscent of
feminine corsets.  One view laces up
the front through grommets, the other
view features button and ribbon
closures at the center.  Perfect for the
dramatic dining room or luxurious
boudoir.  Package includes patterns
and complete instructions.

If you are crafty,  creatively adventurous and a sewer you can purchase this wonderful pattern and make these for your own home. Check out her website.

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