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Exploring the Corset - Day 1

I am proclaiming November as “Plus Size Corset” month at .
Corsets are fascinating! I love the photos of them through history and at present. I always enjoy admiring  the beauty and workmanship involved in a corset. It is a transforming garment that never stops amusing me.

Corsets seem to be grabbing my attention even more than usual so I am going to run with it even though I have done many corset posts in the past.

Welcome to the official:
  Corset November at Plus Size Bras and Panties Blog
Exploring the Corset

For 30 days I will explore a wide variety of corsets and images. Prepare to get your fill. 
Let’s start our corset journey by admiring this photo by Horst.

horst p horst corset

This is an iconic corset image. In black and white it shows the form of a woman in a corset. She appears to be a modern woman yet dressing in the historic garment. I find this photo to have a slightly sad appeal to it. The woman looks a bit melancholy, not rushing to be anywhere, just enjoying her quiet time alone.

This Mainbocher corset photo was taken in Vogue’s Paris studio in 1939.

The photographs of  Horst are famous for expressing an era.  Horst was a German born American fashion photographer who began working for Vogue in 1930 as a young artist. He went on to photograph the rich, famous and fashion elite!

For 3 decades he photographed the collections of Coco Chanel and fondly called her “the queen of all things.”

Horst’s work remains popular today. He was a wonderful, productive artist up until his death at 93.

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