Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Plus Size Stockings–A Great Corset Accent

Exploring the Corset – Day 8

plus size stockings

No corset is complete without stockings.

This fun and sexy lamp proves the point. This lamp sits on the desk of a lingerie shop in Paris…..too adorable! Just perfect for the decor.

Stockings match a corset to a tee. All corsets come with detachable garters for stockings. I recommend Berkshire that creates a gorgeous line of stockings in plus sizes.

These are not fishnet like the lamp but a beautiful sheer lace top  or shimmery  thigh high style. The stockings come in black and white.

berkshire_hosiery_4909My favorite style, just because they are so unusual, is their unique stocking with a lace garter built in. This style comes in black, white and RED!
Remember that  the garters on the corset are removable so this style is a perfect fit.

Stockings are an everyday choice for many full figured women. Because plus size panty hose are often poor fitting, a stocking is a logical option for comfort.
The holiday season is coming and with it the time to dress up.

You may not want to wear a lampshade but you might like to experiment with a corset and stockings.

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