Saturday, November 6, 2010

Wild and Wonderful Feather Corsets

Exploring the Corset - Day 3

The Peacock Blue Design studio creates these wild, show girl style corsets. The outstanding design feature is feather overlays. Both of these designs are traditional back lacing, over bust corsets. They have been entirely embellished with feathers and a sprinkling of Swarovski crystals. Ooh la la!

Lady Flamingo Corset Set

The feathers caught my attention. I immediately envisioned the feel of feathers, lined together over a fabric base, . It is luxurious. It you ever come across a vintage hat, from the 50’s, with feather overlays…pat it! It is so smooth to run your hands over. It was a common luxury to add feathers to garments and hats in the glamorous years gone by.
I think these corsets must have the same elegant feel.

The Lady Red Macaw Corset Set

Red lingerie of any style is eye catching but this combination is striking.
Take note of the neck pieces. These are actually neck corsets made with the same structure and laced up the back.

I know these are not something everyone needs in their lingerie drawer but they are beautiful, unique and fun to admire.

Both these sets sold for $1,300.00 each.

Take a moment to let your inner showgirl run wild. Think Vegas, Moulin Rouge, Crazy Horse… okay, that is probably enough!

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