Sunday, December 12, 2010

Bra Bling–Top 6 stocking Stuffers

We are seeing bling on everything fashionable this season, why not your bra as well?

Quick, tell the Santa in your life that these little treasures are great in a stocking. Gorgeous Crystals and Rhinestones catch the light and glimmer even in candlelight or the glow from a Christmas tree.
I think it is fashionably fun to have a hidden sparkle that shows only during movement. Maybe you will surprise your Santa with a hidden bling.

Have a look at my top 6 bling choices.

crystal bra strap bow clipscrystal heart bra clips
#1 – Crystal Bows                          #2 – Crystal Hearts 
These clip on crystal decorations for your bra straps are my first and second choice because they are so unique. They can be clipped on at any spot. How fun if you have a Christmas outfit that may show the bra strap.

Packaged in a black faux suede gift pouch.

4 strand crystal bra straps  double row crystal bra straps
                                                #4–Double Row Crystal  Bra straps

Fantastic crystal bra straps that replace your every day bra straps. in order to use these you need to have a bra that has removable straps. These are generally called convertible bras.
These decorative straps are quite thin for a plus size woman. There is not a lot of support.
These straps would be best for a special event type usage.

If you want to do a bit of hand sewing and have a black bra strap they can be tacked on top and look great.

Each set is packaged in a jewellery style box and has a gift pouch for protection when being stored.
red bra strap with crystal heart   black bra strap with crystal squares
#5 – Red Bra Strap with Crystal Heart

Fun and inexpensive bra straps with crystal decorations. Just a little flash of bling to dress up the Christmas Holidays.

These are used in the same way as the crystal straps above. These, however, have a bit more support.


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