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Curvy Blog Hop

  Introducing plus size fashion bloggers extraordinaire.
Blog Hop...

Welcome to my first blog hop.

I love the idea of this list. Here you can jump from blog to blog. The bloggers listed here are inspiring, creative and have so much to say. They highlight plus size fashion trends of every kind.

The list will grow once published. Check back for updates...

I have chosen my favorite blogs for you to explore. Feel free to leave your comments and impressions.

 If you know a blog that should be here, let me know and if you are a curvy blogger introduce yourself.

Dance your way through the list and have fun....
I love John Travolta dancing home from a shopping spree in a sequin gown as Edna in Hair Spray. Who wouldn't like to shop in a sequin gown???

To add your blog and host this list:
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  • Post a link to one of your favorite posts
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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Elegant Plus Size Basic Brief


Often we overlook the basics but not today. 

Here is a fantastic basic full size panty. It is made in a smooth, soft lycra with a nice stretch for gentle control. 

nadja panty

The Nadja brief is a lovely generous cut with a wonderfully shaped leg opening. The inset lace gives this everyday basic an elegant touch.

nadja panty 2
As you will see by the photos, the sun was setting on my final garment from my fall beach cottage shoot. I am including them just the same…

Nadja is a full cut with a true waistline height. With high rise pants quickly coming back into vogue we will see more full cut lingerie following along. This back is smooth and undetailed, nothing to shadow through.

nadja back

The back is absolutely plain with a thin elastic at the leg for full coverage and support but minimal VPLs.

nadja front detail

If you look closely you will see the front seams are crescent moon shaped. I rarely see this style of design lines but they are very flattering.

nadja micro bows

The final touches are two micro bows placed on the lace. Nadja

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comes in black and white. A great addition to your panty wardrobe.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Dress away the Pounds by Stephanie

I stumbled across this article on a new blog and was impressed. I though you may also enjoy this information.
It is from a blog called and  . Let me know what you think.  This is a general topic blog that covers many “lifestyle” issues.
Check it out. The writer, Stephanie Tweito Jacob, from the Oprah magazine….wow!

Dress away the pounds
By Stephanie Tweito Jacob
Think diet and exercise are the only things affecting how slim you look?

What you wear can add or subtract pounds too—really! “A heavily embellished outfit, over-layering or a shapeless silhouette can give the illusion of adding ‘weight’ onto your figure,” says fashion designer Alissia Marciano, who's renowned for her styling on Look-A-Like, Sexy Girl, the Rachael Ray show and Canada’s Next Top Model. The secret is to know which cuts, styles and colours work in your favour.

“When shopping, be aware of what is your best feature or the thinnest part of your body and look for outfits that show it off,” says Fred Connors, creator of FRED.face cosmetics and stylist and self-esteem expert on the Slice Network's X-Weighted. When shopping, look for items that fit well—not too big or too tight—in slimming colours like navy and charcoal.

Follow these additional tips to adjust your wardrobe based on your own individual shape—and get ready to hear, “Wow! Did you lose weight?” Here’s how to do that:

1. Trim your tummy.
For many women, even regular sessions of crunches aren’t enough to flatten a belly. Here’s how to achieve the flat-abs look with your wardrobe:

Do: Start with the right underwear. “Wearing the correct shapewear will ensure that there are no unwanted bulges popping out,” says Marciano. “I prefer undergarments that look like bike shorts, but that end just below the bust line, ensuring a clean and smooth torso.”

Next, reach for empire-waist dresses (where the waistline falls just below your bust). This draws attention away from your midsection. Another option: pair longer, hip-length tunics or peasant-style tops with slim, straight-leg pants or jeans. The key is to keep either your top or your bottom flowy or loose—not both.

Don’t: Wear prints. Stick with dark, solid colors to stay looking slim. And avoid tops that fall at your waistline, since they will draw attention to the problem area.

2. Disguise un-toned arms.
Many women—even those who are otherwise fit—aren’t huge fans of their underarms. “We can’t all be blessed with arms like Madonna,” says Marciano.

Do: Marciano suggests wearing tops that have a soft drape around the underarm. Cardigans in medium-weight fabrics with three-quarter length sleeves worn over simple, tailored tops and dresses are also great for keeping arms under wraps.

Don’t: Go for loose, puffy sleeves that say, “Look right here!”

3. Slim your backside.
When your booty looks great, you’re bound to feel more confident. Get the look you want with these rules.

Do: Invest in a pair of boot-cut or straight-leg jeans in a dark wash. They should have plain back pockets that are large and placed close together.

Don’t: Wear baggy or skinny-leg styles. When buying both skirts and pants, steer clear of prints and light colours, as well as tops that end at the fullest point of your rear end. Instead, go for lightweight cardigans and tunics that fall just below your bottom.

4. Downplay a large bust.
If you’ve got it, but you don’t necessarily want to flaunt it, here’s how to make the least of your bust.

Do: Get a bra fitting. This is one of the fastest ways to look thinner, says Connors (up to 80 percent of women wear the wrong size). “Get the right bra!” he says. “When your boobs are where they should be, your waist looks smaller, your posture is better, clothing looks better, you feel sexier and can wear a smaller dress size. The right bra can make you look 10 to 20 pounds smaller!”

Next, choose fitted V-neck (not low-cut) tops and dresses. “Wearing open necklines allows women to show off their cleavage (and collarbones) in a flattering way while maintaining a sleeker silhouette,” says Marciano. Stick with simple, no-bulk fabrics without embellishments.

Don’t: Reach for turtlenecks (they draw attention right to the middle of your chest) or dresses with pockets. Tucking in your tops is another no-no—it shortens your torso, making your bust look larger.

Stephanie Tweito Jacob is a freelance writer who specializes in beauty, fashion and health. She has held editorial positions at Allure, More and O, The Oprah Magazine.

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If you enjoyed this article, Please share it with others... I would love to hear your comments.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Aviana Plus Size Minimizer Embroidered Bra


product_2357-blk        2357_aviana_black_ad

Aviana Bras are made strictly for full figured women. Their sizing begins at a D cup. This is special as most bra manufacturers start at an A cup and continue to grade up. This system looses proportion as it gets into the higher size ranges.

Aviana focuses on fit and comfort and they know what they are doing. This company has been producing lingerie since 1985.

This style is called the ”soft cup embroidered minimizer bra”.

Here are it’s highlights:
  • lowered v-neck
  • minimizer style that rounds not flattens
  • 3 part shaped cup for good fit
  • built in hidden sling for support and lift
  • wire free
  • Sizes 36 DDD/F thru 44M
  • wide shoulder straps and deep side panels
  • GORGEOUS feminine details
I think this style offers fit and support as well as being a sexy, feminine style.
Have you have worn Aviana? I would love to hear your thoughts.

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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Female BMW Drivers = Sexy Lingerie

vintage bmw plus size lingerie
The British used car company   recently conducted a survey of their customers. They were surprised by how open and detailed the customers were with their answers. The answers were quite a surprise as well…
They asked British drivers about their driving habits, preferences and most other “car” questions you would expect.
Then came the unexpected questions and the crazy answers that followed. Here are some highlights of the results.
  • 27% of female BMW drivers wear sexy lingerie regularly
  • 22% of female BMW drivers over 45 wear sexy lingerie regularly
  • 50% of female drivers prefer big, comfortable, Bridgette Jones type panties
  • 8% of male BMW drivers go commando
  • 5% of male BMW drivers wear a thong … yes… thongs
The next time I am in London and a BMW wizzes past me, I am going to look twice and wonder ….

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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Purple Corset Discount

The Purple corset is back……
december 2010 1485    c-799 back lace
This is the gorgeous corset that I featured this past November. This was the star of my first blog give a way.
I have had many emails about this corset so I have decided to revisit this style.

This is a real corset. It will cinch you in and shape your body. It is however not a traditional corset for a few reasons.

This corset is made in a mixture of flexible fabric and solid fabric. The satin is a stretch panel. The jacquard print is a solid fabric backed in a girdle type fabric. This offers a cinching in with a slight stretch for comfort. A traditional corset has NO stretch at all.

The bones in this corset are spiral steel bones. These look like a miniature slinky that is very long and flattened. They keep the corset sitting straight against the body. These bones are slightly flexible. A traditional corset has solid steel bones that do not bend at all.

A corset of any style can be worn laced at many different sizes. When you first wear a corset you will feel very restricted. Once your body adjusts to the feeling of being held tight, you can cinch the corset smaller.
As you can see from the photo above, the back does not need to close. It is very attractive to see the design of the laces and ties. If you do not want skin showing you can wear a slim fitting camisole or shirt underneath.  Originally the corset was never worn on bare skin but over a this garment called a chemise.
I love the straps on this corset. It creates a beautiful line and makes it so comfortable to wear.

This corset is made in purple, white, black and red. If you have admired this corset and want one yourself, use this discount code for $20.00 off.

  Type this into the discount box on the checkout page.
Valid now until Valentines Day 2011
Valentine’s Day is coming so be prepared……..

Introducing Full Briefs up to 7XL - Hard to Find Plus Sizes

Introducing a brand new line of plus size panties. This line is SO new that it does not even have a label yet.

The designer of this fantastic new line has thought of everything except the name. She is offering an early release of the line as she finalizes the details.

I love this Plus Size line because it is made specifically for curvy gals. All the normal problem areas have been carefully corrected to ensure a high quality panty with a great fit.

This product is technically superior in line and cut.  The designer of these panties promises more designs, colors and even the rumor of leopard print in the near future. I will keep you posted as this develops.

Here are some features that make this basic full panty a star!
plus size panty up to 7XL
FABRIC – A gorgeous, heavy, high gloss lycra knit  for comfort and support. Available in vibrant colors with carefully matched elastic and ribbons.
                                                     carntion full panty  navy back
CONSTRUCTION – No side seams make this a smooth panty for under any garment. No lines or bumps on the hip. No added bulk. The curved and shaped back seam adds an extra shaping over the butt.
carnation full panty beige
EXTRA – Additional height has been added to the rise for a secure, full coverage during movement. You won’t get that feeling of slipping down in the back.  As a panty stretches around the body it naturally shortens in the rise….. Not this design.
                                                    carnation front bow
DETAILS – A small bow at the front adds a feminine touch without taking away from the smooth, sleek style. Note the beautifully stitched edges and lace edged elastic.
This is a classic case of “less is more”.
carnation full panty american pack
  • Fire Engine Red – a must have for every panty drawer.
  • Pure White – the standard
  • Official Navy – an elegant change from black
  • Black – the other standard
  • Basic Cream – better than white under many light colors

SIZE – This is a true plus size line. The sizes are created using the British “Out Size” guidelines.  There is a size conversion to guide you.
This line is available up to a size 7xl.

There are many panty styles available now but sometimes you just need the good old fashioned, everyday, great fitting, easy to wear, comfortable, simple panty.

I would recommend giving this one a try.

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Tuesday, January 4, 2011 Red Corset Review

Meet the lovely Devon of

Here is her short introduction.
I'm 19 and I am currently a student in my second year of studying to be a Mental Health Nurse. 
I come from Essex, UK.
I'm a girl who plays World of Warcraft.
I’m around 5′4.5″ and weigh-in somewhere either side of 260lbs, I’m typically a UK size 22/24.

Read her post from December 2010 or jump over and visit her blog. review – corset!

I recently got hold of a lovely corset from Plus Size Bras and Panties (.com.)
I did a fair few corset reviews earlier in the year but I am on the mission to find the perfect one for me. This corset is pretty close. Usually I find that no matter how tight I lace them the back panel never fully covers my back, even though they fit fine elsewhere. I laced this corset myself (first time!) and found that this one ALMOST perfectly gave me back coverage. I have a bit of a nightmare with corsets because I’m smaller up top than I am around my hips and belly but this wasn’t so bad.
It did come with instructions as to how to lace it properly, and I THINK I got it right. It looks right anyway and the central loops adjust easily.
The boning, I think, is proper steel. Either way it’s REALLY strong. As are the closures. Sometimes with corsets I find that the hooks and eyes aren’t even put in properly and they snap/ping off when you increase the tension, which is stupid. These are well made and don’t budge at all.
Looking on the site, there’s loads of bras and underwear (I hate the word panty/panties!) But there’s also a beautiful leather corse that I would kill to own (but finances at the moment say NO!) It’s here if you wanted to look, it’s real leather with animal print. Daaaamn.
There’s lots of cute (and sexy!) sleepwear that they offer too, and I am always on the mission to find the perfect sleepwear too! Nomnom :D
This post is sponsored.
In other news! I sorted out my two wardrobes, one now consists of dresses and outerwear, the other is tops and bottoms.
As you can see, Chloe approves of the change.

Thanks Devon. 

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Sunday, January 2, 2011

6 Underwear Resolutions

New Years ResolutionsNew years resolutions!     

Who started them anyway? 

We all think about them. 

We all plan them. 

They are the same ones every year.

We rarely ever fulfill them.

We feel deflated when we fail.

I have an idea… her are some New Years Resolutions you CAN fulfill and just how to do it! Say after me…

Smile  This year I am going to loose one dress size.
Get yourself a great body slimmer. Pull it on and voila, one size smaller.

Surprised smile   This year I am going to walk tall and confidently like I am a woman with something no one else knows about.
Wear thong underwear! If they are new to you, you will be surprised at how secretive you will feel. Even if it is only for special occasions it is worth the experience.

Flirt female  This year I am going to nurture my feminine side.
As you dress treat yourself to beautiful underwear. No more mismatched sets. No more holes, pilled fabric, bagged out elastic or poor fitting pieces. Throw out the granny stuff no matter what age you are. 

Princess  This year I am going to pamper myself once a month.
Do something you are always too busy to do. Enjoy a cappuccino, read a book, have a pedicure or go to a chick flick. As women we work so hard and so seldom take time for ourselves. We need to energize ourselves once and a while.

Red heart This year I am going to see red.
Get a red bra and panties set. Every woman should have a set in their delicates drawer. It will ignite your soul, warm your spirit and light your fashionista within.

Cat face  This year I am going to go wild.
Leopard prints and exotic hides in a corset, nightie set or panties. Bring out your feline tendencies.
So get to work and master these resolutions. Then the next time you are chatting with the girls you can say, “Resolutions? I have kept mine all year long!”

2011 is going to be great!

What are your underwear resolutions?

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Top 10 Plus Size Lists of 2010

Happy New Year!
danish christmasI always feel energized and excited on the first day of the year.
The bustle and commotion has passed, the house is filled with the remnants of Christmas yet it becomes satisfyingly still.

My favorite time is to sit in front of the slightly wilting Christmas tree and plan for the year about to begin.  This day holds the promise of many things to come and endless possibilities. 

As I welcome the year 2011, I want to share with you some of my favorites from the year past.

Top 10 Best Posts of 2010

Here are my favorite posts from 2010. If you have not read these I hope you will enjoy them.

Chocolate Corsets         I Love You Wall
Tyra Recommends       High Tech Dryer
Bali Comfort by curves and chaos
5 Most Common Mistakes when Laundering a Bra
Psycho Turns 50            Elomi Bras by Return to sender
Red Bras                            Red Lace Panties

Top 10 Plus Size Fashion Bloggers of 2010

I have become a steady follower of these wonderful bloggers. You may want to check them out if you haven’t already.

Curves and Chaos        Sweet Faced Style
Boom Bands                   Return to Sender
fat nurse                          Fleurtle
Fat Frocks                      The Curvy Fashionista   

Help me fill the last 2 spots. Is there a curvy fashion blog you follow? Let me know by sending me the link in a comment…Thanks!

Top 10 General Interest Blogs of 2010

I tend to have a one track mind and focus way too strongly on things like Plus Size Lingerie and Paris. I do have SOME other interests. These are my favorite blogs on a variety of those topics.
Give them a visit.

Advanced style                          Peter’s Paris
 French Blue                                Secret Paris
My Beauty Bed                           Barn to Evening
The Lingerie Addict                 Shabby Home

Top 10 Plus Size Lingerie

Goddess Keira Bra      Plus size minimizer bra   plus size minimizer bra    playtex bra
Goddess Keira     New Aviana Minimizer Bras     Playtex Front Closure
Maria Brief   Maria Panty   Tasha Thong 
Maria Brief            Maria Panty        Tasha Thong
Corset             Plus Size SAtockings                 corest
Wild Red Corset    Awesome Stockings  Leather Exotic Corset

Some of my favorite things of 2010

Favorite Place – Paris
Favorite Food – Boeuf Bourguignon and Cassoulet
Favorite Movie Costumes – Red Riding Hood – opens March 2011
Favorite Dog – French Bulldog
Favorite Trip – Paris
Favorite Color – Olive Green…this year
Favorite Style Trend – Long sweaters
Favorite Book – Tout Sweet by Karen Wheeler
Favorite Cookbook – Mastering the Art of French Cooking by Julia      Child
Favorite Sundays – a strong cup of espresso, a croissant and a  crossword puzzle
Favorite Daydream – buy an old stone cottage in Provence

As you can see….I do have a one track mind!
I wish you a fantastic new year full of everything your “one track” mind fancies!

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