Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Curvy Blog Hop

  Introducing plus size fashion bloggers extraordinaire.
Blog Hop...

Welcome to my first blog hop.

I love the idea of this list. Here you can jump from blog to blog. The bloggers listed here are inspiring, creative and have so much to say. They highlight plus size fashion trends of every kind.

The list will grow once published. Check back for updates...

I have chosen my favorite blogs for you to explore. Feel free to leave your comments and impressions.

 If you know a blog that should be here, let me know and if you are a curvy blogger introduce yourself.

Dance your way through the list and have fun....
I love John Travolta dancing home from a shopping spree in a sequin gown as Edna in Hair Spray. Who wouldn't like to shop in a sequin gown???

To add your blog and host this list:
  • Post your blog name
  • Post a link to one of your favorite posts
  • Add the code listed below to your blog

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