Thursday, January 13, 2011

Female BMW Drivers = Sexy Lingerie

vintage bmw plus size lingerie
The British used car company   recently conducted a survey of their customers. They were surprised by how open and detailed the customers were with their answers. The answers were quite a surprise as well…
They asked British drivers about their driving habits, preferences and most other “car” questions you would expect.
Then came the unexpected questions and the crazy answers that followed. Here are some highlights of the results.
  • 27% of female BMW drivers wear sexy lingerie regularly
  • 22% of female BMW drivers over 45 wear sexy lingerie regularly
  • 50% of female drivers prefer big, comfortable, Bridgette Jones type panties
  • 8% of male BMW drivers go commando
  • 5% of male BMW drivers wear a thong … yes… thongs
The next time I am in London and a BMW wizzes past me, I am going to look twice and wonder ….

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