Thursday, January 6, 2011

Purple Corset Discount

The Purple corset is back……
december 2010 1485    c-799 back lace
This is the gorgeous corset that I featured this past November. This was the star of my first blog give a way.
I have had many emails about this corset so I have decided to revisit this style.

This is a real corset. It will cinch you in and shape your body. It is however not a traditional corset for a few reasons.

This corset is made in a mixture of flexible fabric and solid fabric. The satin is a stretch panel. The jacquard print is a solid fabric backed in a girdle type fabric. This offers a cinching in with a slight stretch for comfort. A traditional corset has NO stretch at all.

The bones in this corset are spiral steel bones. These look like a miniature slinky that is very long and flattened. They keep the corset sitting straight against the body. These bones are slightly flexible. A traditional corset has solid steel bones that do not bend at all.

A corset of any style can be worn laced at many different sizes. When you first wear a corset you will feel very restricted. Once your body adjusts to the feeling of being held tight, you can cinch the corset smaller.
As you can see from the photo above, the back does not need to close. It is very attractive to see the design of the laces and ties. If you do not want skin showing you can wear a slim fitting camisole or shirt underneath.  Originally the corset was never worn on bare skin but over a this garment called a chemise.
I love the straps on this corset. It creates a beautiful line and makes it so comfortable to wear.

This corset is made in purple, white, black and red. If you have admired this corset and want one yourself, use this discount code for $20.00 off.

  Type this into the discount box on the checkout page.
Valid now until Valentines Day 2011
Valentine’s Day is coming so be prepared……..

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