Sunday, January 2, 2011

Top 10 Plus Size Lists of 2010

Happy New Year!
danish christmasI always feel energized and excited on the first day of the year.
The bustle and commotion has passed, the house is filled with the remnants of Christmas yet it becomes satisfyingly still.

My favorite time is to sit in front of the slightly wilting Christmas tree and plan for the year about to begin.  This day holds the promise of many things to come and endless possibilities. 

As I welcome the year 2011, I want to share with you some of my favorites from the year past.

Top 10 Best Posts of 2010

Here are my favorite posts from 2010. If you have not read these I hope you will enjoy them.

Chocolate Corsets         I Love You Wall
Tyra Recommends       High Tech Dryer
Bali Comfort by curves and chaos
5 Most Common Mistakes when Laundering a Bra
Psycho Turns 50            Elomi Bras by Return to sender
Red Bras                            Red Lace Panties

Top 10 Plus Size Fashion Bloggers of 2010

I have become a steady follower of these wonderful bloggers. You may want to check them out if you haven’t already.

Curves and Chaos        Sweet Faced Style
Boom Bands                   Return to Sender
fat nurse                          Fleurtle
Fat Frocks                      The Curvy Fashionista   

Help me fill the last 2 spots. Is there a curvy fashion blog you follow? Let me know by sending me the link in a comment…Thanks!

Top 10 General Interest Blogs of 2010

I tend to have a one track mind and focus way too strongly on things like Plus Size Lingerie and Paris. I do have SOME other interests. These are my favorite blogs on a variety of those topics.
Give them a visit.

Advanced style                          Peter’s Paris
 French Blue                                Secret Paris
My Beauty Bed                           Barn to Evening
The Lingerie Addict                 Shabby Home

Top 10 Plus Size Lingerie

Goddess Keira Bra      Plus size minimizer bra   plus size minimizer bra    playtex bra
Goddess Keira     New Aviana Minimizer Bras     Playtex Front Closure
Maria Brief   Maria Panty   Tasha Thong 
Maria Brief            Maria Panty        Tasha Thong
Corset             Plus Size SAtockings                 corest
Wild Red Corset    Awesome Stockings  Leather Exotic Corset

Some of my favorite things of 2010

Favorite Place – Paris
Favorite Food – Boeuf Bourguignon and Cassoulet
Favorite Movie Costumes – Red Riding Hood – opens March 2011
Favorite Dog – French Bulldog
Favorite Trip – Paris
Favorite Color – Olive Green…this year
Favorite Style Trend – Long sweaters
Favorite Book – Tout Sweet by Karen Wheeler
Favorite Cookbook – Mastering the Art of French Cooking by Julia      Child
Favorite Sundays – a strong cup of espresso, a croissant and a  crossword puzzle
Favorite Daydream – buy an old stone cottage in Provence

As you can see….I do have a one track mind!
I wish you a fantastic new year full of everything your “one track” mind fancies!

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  1. Thanks for listing The Lingerie Addict as a fave of 2010! :)

  2. Hi Sweetheart, thank you so much for this, I feel so honored! Will link to your blog in my next post love. I really enjoy your blog and look forward to reading you in this new year. all the best! <3 Anika

  3. Thanks for the kind support from both of you pros!!!
    Looking forward to a great year.

  4. Aww, Brenda! Thank you for mentioning me, you're one of the sweetest gals who "work in the industry" that I know. You and your store better keep up the good work because I expect it now! You offer plus size options that aren't offered by many "normal" lingerie sellers.
    Devon xx

  5. Thanks Devon,
    I will try my best to keep up.....Thanks for the lovely comment.


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