Tuesday, January 4, 2011

www.fat-nurse.com Red Corset Review

Meet the lovely Devon of www.fat-nurse.com

Here is her short introduction.
I'm 19 and I am currently a student in my second year of studying to be a Mental Health Nurse. 
I come from Essex, UK.
I'm a girl who plays World of Warcraft.
I’m around 5′4.5″ and weigh-in somewhere either side of 260lbs, I’m typically a UK size 22/24.

Read her post from December 2010 or jump over and visit her blog.

PlusSizeBrasAndPanties.com review – corset!

I recently got hold of a lovely corset from Plus Size Bras and Panties (.com.)
I did a fair few corset reviews earlier in the year but I am on the mission to find the perfect one for me. This corset is pretty close. Usually I find that no matter how tight I lace them the back panel never fully covers my back, even though they fit fine elsewhere. I laced this corset myself (first time!) and found that this one ALMOST perfectly gave me back coverage. I have a bit of a nightmare with corsets because I’m smaller up top than I am around my hips and belly but this wasn’t so bad.
It did come with instructions as to how to lace it properly, and I THINK I got it right. It looks right anyway and the central loops adjust easily.
The boning, I think, is proper steel. Either way it’s REALLY strong. As are the closures. Sometimes with corsets I find that the hooks and eyes aren’t even put in properly and they snap/ping off when you increase the tension, which is stupid. These are well made and don’t budge at all.
Looking on the site, there’s loads of bras and underwear (I hate the word panty/panties!) But there’s also a beautiful leather corse that I would kill to own (but finances at the moment say NO!) It’s here if you wanted to look, it’s real leather with animal print. Daaaamn.
There’s lots of cute (and sexy!) sleepwear that they offer too, and I am always on the mission to find the perfect sleepwear too! Nomnom :D
This post is sponsored.
In other news! I sorted out my two wardrobes, one now consists of dresses and outerwear, the other is tops and bottoms.
As you can see, Chloe approves of the change.

Thanks Devon. 

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  1. Gorgeous,love red!Thanks for sharing :)

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  3. Thanks for reading this post. I agree, who does not LOVE red.


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