Sunday, May 15, 2011


As a reader of this blog you will probably know that I am also a Plus Size Lingerie Website owner….or maybe not.

 The other day I had a woman contact me with some questions. After sending her some advice she was surprised that I am also a shop owner. This, in turn, surprised me.

I think I refer to my site constantly but this may not be so.

My website adventure began after many years of creating clothing for women. Many of my clients have been plus size girls who had difficulty finding a stylish wardrobe. It was never a problem to design and produce the outfit but then came the underwear problem!!!

These wonderful ladies were struggling to find nice lingerie. My work in film has given me the opportunity to work with exquisite lingerie for many petite actresses. Over and over the same thoughts always occurred to me. “This lingerie is Gorgeous! Why don’t they make this for bigger gals?”

Being an avid internet user and shopper it slowly became clear that I should develop a resource for plus size women’s lingerie.

That was 4 years ago.

My website boutique offers a wide range of lingerie for the curvy woman. I am constantly struggling to find fashionable and beautiful lingerie in the widest selection of sizes.

A quick look at lingerie available from my web boutique in Plus Sizes!
I treat my website as a neighborhood boutique and act as if I am the local shop keeper. I love to interact with my customers and offer old fashioned customer service. I believe women enjoy interacting with other women…specially concerning underwear!

I invite you to come and view my website. Send me your comments or suggestions.

I strive to create a friendly, easy to use, center for full figured lingerie. My business is based on long term customers and continuing referrals. So if you like what you see, please recommend it to others. If you don’t like what you see, please tell me so I can continue to improve and fill the needs of todays woman.

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  1. Absolutely wonderful! This is the type I'm looking for.
    I'll introduce this blog to my wife! :)

  2. Thanks for the nice comments and passing my blog along to your wife.
    I had a look at your motivational blog...nice work. I enjoyed it.


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