Saturday, June 11, 2011

Vintage Lingerie Pin Ups an Advertising Trend

I love the charm of the old fashioned styles of the 40’s and 50’s. The vintage pin up girls are illustrated so beautifully. There is such an innocence to them.
wagon wheels
Lately I am seeing them everywhere. There seems to be a trend towards using these retro style images to sell many products. I guess these go naturally with alcohol but I have seen some surprising items as well. I must admit I bought these wagon wheels just because of the cover. Wagon wheels were always a huge treat as a child and I loved them. Did they always taste like that?
Barbera, Italian wine, has an attractive pin up gal with a distinctly Sofia Lauren style. The garters and stockings showing under the flirty dress says it all. Not a great deal of skin showing but such a provocative look. Love the matching shoes!

I was creating an Italian meal and had to have the wine with dinner. I had never bought it before but it just completed the table decor.
beer 2
Red Rider Beer is sporting a fast paced red head on a gorgeous red beach cruiser. Again we see the garter accidentally showing. Red always catches the eye.

You would think this advertising is intended to sell product to men but it is working on me. I have such a soft spot for this era in lingerie, fashion, design and artwork.

Our world has become so high tech that a little glimpse into the simpler life is a treat.  I find myself buying for the images. I guess the advertising is working…

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  2. Those may west look so tempting ;)

  3. I too love the charm of the 40's and 50's pin-up girls and I agree they do have a fun, innocence about them, just beautiful.


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