Sunday, September 18, 2011

Advice from Christian Dior

Lingerie must be very refined…..Our mothers used to spend a lot of time and money on lingerie and I think they were right.
Real elegance is everywhere, especially in things that don’t show….. Lovely lingerie is the basis of good dressing.
Christian Dior, 1954

Dior-New-LookChristian Dior changed the shape of clothing for woman in the 1950’s. He presented the “New Look” that took fashion by storm. We hear lots of talk about the great changes this made to woman’s fashion of the time. We do not hear about the great changes it also made to the undergarments of the time. As fashions change so do the undergarments that shape the look.

To support this new look Dior even had a line of undergarments created that also became a massive hit.

I have always admired Dior Fashions as they are so feminine and truly elegant. 

His quote struck me as good advice for today. We still need to give attention to what does not show. It is a way to pamper ourselves, treat ourselves and give shape to the outfit we are wearing.

Just a thought as we make our way through September, the month of new fashions and trends.


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