Sunday, September 9, 2012

Industrial Lace Fence

Lace has so many uses in fashion, home decor, religion, sleepwear and lingerie. I have never seen it used as a fence and I love it.
lace-fence-2 (1)
The Dutch design firm Demakersvan was challenged by the University of Philadelphia’s Design Center, in 2009,  to create fencing based on their collection of historic Quaker lace.

Philadelphia was the largest American lace producers through the 1930’s. Quaker lace was machine loomed and became a product for the middle classes.

The challenge was to use the original lace design drawings and transform them. One of the design firm owners even took lace making classes to better understand the mechanics of the craft.
This was the outcome.

It now houses the center itself. The fence is 6’ tall and 160’ long. It wraps around the drive way leading to the center.  Cars are known to pull up and stop to admire the fence.

Demakersvan states it clearly,  Like brambles fences are rising rampantly around us. What would happen if a patch of embroidered wire would meet with and continue as an industrial fence? Hostility versus kindness, industrial versus craft.”

philly2From this idea came a unique and charming way to contain the many protected spaces in our cities today. I hope we see this spread in the future.

Lace has been a fascination for centuries. It’s detail and beauty still enchant us. Lace is now available to all but was in history for the rich and luxurious only. These historic philosophies are ingrained somewhere in our minds. We all recognize lace as a finery and a special item to be cherished.

The lace chain link fence shows how a detailed, old fashioned item can be placed in use today with a gentle effect. All it takes is determination and design ability. I love it!

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Sunday, July 1, 2012

Best Bras for Summer by Today's Woman Blog

Today's Woman Blog
Check out this great blog for product information and reviews and free give-a-ways. Rose has a passion for writing and loves to share her honest opinions with her readers. Here is her recent article about summer bra choices.

Best Summer Bras by Rose

U-plunge bra
Elomi Bra
With summer comes white t-shirts, halter tops and strapless dresses. Do you have the right bra for your summer wardrobe? Every woman should own a white cotton based bra with a smooth texture, a strapless bra,  U-plunge bra, a sports bra and a backless bra. Plus Size Bras and Panties carries a  gorgeous collection of bras perfect for Summer. One popular brand of bras they carry that I absolutely love comes from the lingerie manufacturer Bali.
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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Diamond Jubilee Lingerie on Sale

England is in the spotlight again today. England says Happy Birthday on the Queen’s official Birthday ….

Although the diamond Jubilee celebrations are over the royal lingerie still remains ….. and it is on sale!

jubilee lingerie

I am a fan of pomp and circumstance and had to watch as England celebrated in royal style. All aspects of the event hit the media including souvenirs to collect and treasure.

Marks and Spencer, the famous British department store, celebrated in their own way by offering Diamond Jubilee Lingerie. They designed a limited edition line of lingerie in the style of 1952, the year the queen took the throne.

I will admit I was expecting red, white and blue in the British flag print on panties or golden crowns on bras. I was surprised to see the line of vintage style and charm.

The designers at Marks and Spencer used their archive of designs from 1952 to draw inspiration for this line. They researched the fashions of the time and produced a lovely, slightly retro line of bras, panties and teddies.

Some things had to be modernized such as the use of stretch fabrics. The sizing has also taken a modern twist. In 1952 Marks and Spencer sold lingerie in 3 sizes. Small, medium and large. The new line is available in bra sizes 30DD to 44GG and panties in 6-18.

Black and soft pink are the main colour choices in this line. A regal purple satin adds the royal touch and an exotic leopard print mixture adds some flash.

You can find these styles at the Marks and Spencer online boutique. Some sizes are sold out but most are still available and they are on sale for 30% off.

You can read the daily mail article showing the launch of the Jubilee Line on Oxford Street in London and view more images.

Have you ordered any pieces? Which is your favourite?

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