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Plus Size Elomi Bra Review by Sarah from Return to Sender

Introducting Sarah.

Sarah writes a wonderfully entertaining Plus Size Fashion blog called "Return to Sender-A fat girls letters to the world"
I want to share her blog with you as well as a this post she published not long ago. Here is her description of herself:

Sarah is a married 20-something with 2 useless degrees in creative writing and has three loving fur children. A plus-size girl in a skinny world, she has adapted and thrived in the fat-shion realm with creative ingenuity and her willingness to wear anything once. She knows how to turn an 80s powersuit into an fierce fashion statement. A writer and a fa(t)shionista, she balances everything with her witty diatribes and fashion advice.

Have a look at Sarah's Blog at and enjoy this bra review.


Review: Elomi Strapless Bra & Plus Size Bras & Panties!
Posted by Sarah in Fatshion, Reviews

Every girl with big boobs needs a good ATTRACTIVE bra. At least one. Which usually is pretty difficult because anything that is supportive for big breasts is usually heinous. I mean HEINOUS. 4″ wide shoulder straps, 17 hook and eye closures in the back, big padded cups (even though your boobs are ALREADY enormous…) and some horrible tan color with the slightest bit of old lady lace. That’s what they usually look like. So, when Brenda, owner of Plus Sizes Bras & Panties approached me and asked if I wanted to review an item, I say “YES!” and went on the hunt for the perfect bra.

After browsing through bras for a few days (because I can NEVER make a decision) I decided on the
Elomi Smoothing Moulded Strapless Bra.

I figured since I was doing the Big Fat Summer Challenge, which requires a strapless look, I needed a bra to do it with. I liked the look of the bra, simple, yet still chic, and the fact that it has detachable straps, so I could wear it multiple ways.


I never expected to love a bra so much. From the moment it arrived and I put it on, I though I found my dream bra. It is SO comfortable and SO SUPPORTIVE! Even while strapless! I didn’t reveal it then, but when I was wearing my strapless dress from Torrid, I was rocking this bra, and it looked AMAZING! It doesn’t slip, it doesn’t get uncomfortable. And the moulded cups are great – always the perfect shape. My boobs feel like they are having a party in this bra. I’ve tried bras by tons of brands: Victoria’s Secret, Frederick’s of Hollywood, Curvation, Playtex, Wonderbra, Maidenform, Bali…you name it, and not ONE has made me as happy as this bra. I wear it with the straps under regular dresses and shirts and it still looks great. The best part about the straps is that there are two different hooks on both the front and the back, so you can make the straps closer or further apart, which is great for various tanktops.


I would definitely order from Plus Size Bras & Panties again. Brenda said the bra would take 3 weeks to arrive because it had to be special ordered, but I got it in less than two. The size range of the bras at Plus Size Bras & Panties is FABULOUS. In many styles they go up to a GG. The store also carries only top quality brands, like Elomi, Tatiana, Olga, and Goddess. ANd the store also offers TONS of other plus size garments: body shapers, pantyhose, wedding lingerie, sports bras, garter belts…the list keeps going. It’s amazing to have a store that has ALL undergarments that are ALL plus size! I hate going to the store and finding maybe one or two bras in my size, and nothing else. So, thank you Brenda for putting together this shop!


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