Tuesday, November 22, 2011

3 Best Plus Size Bras from Playtex

Presenting 3 of Playtex's best plus size bras. Very often Playtex is overlooked yet should not be. These bras are so well designed and have ultimately feminine touches. The fabrics and colors used are soft and pretty.

Check out these 3 choices.....
Presenting a lovely bra with gel hidden in the straps for extra comfort. The straps are often a problem spot but Playtex has developed these gentle straps. Available in sizes up to 44DD in 3 colors. 
The cushioned gel-filled strap provides extraordinary comfort. Instead of poking me, the wire now supports me.   Rose - Today's Woman Blog
You can read Roses full review of this bra and other interesting information in her article "Bras for Hard to Find Plus Sizes"

The outstanding feature of this bra is the new fabric used for the bra. The fabric is a breathable ultra light fabric. This fabric is the majority of the straps and back while the front is a gorgeous fine lace. You get comfort and femininity. A great combination.
Available is sizes up to 54DDD.

The 18 hour bra is designed for long days in comfort. This bra has a unique look not often seen in Plus Size Bras. The soft jacquard print and coordinating satin give a sophisticated look. Don't let the soft look fool you. This bra does the job with specially designed side panels for lift and support.

These top 3 choices are certainly worth investigating. Have you worn any of these beauties? Give us your impressions if you have.    

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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Advice from Christian Dior

Lingerie must be very refined…..Our mothers used to spend a lot of time and money on lingerie and I think they were right.
Real elegance is everywhere, especially in things that don’t show….. Lovely lingerie is the basis of good dressing.
Christian Dior, 1954

Dior-New-LookChristian Dior changed the shape of clothing for woman in the 1950’s. He presented the “New Look” that took fashion by storm. We hear lots of talk about the great changes this made to woman’s fashion of the time. We do not hear about the great changes it also made to the undergarments of the time. As fashions change so do the undergarments that shape the look.

To support this new look Dior even had a line of undergarments created that also became a massive hit.

I have always admired Dior Fashions as they are so feminine and truly elegant. 

His quote struck me as good advice for today. We still need to give attention to what does not show. It is a way to pamper ourselves, treat ourselves and give shape to the outfit we are wearing.

Just a thought as we make our way through September, the month of new fashions and trends.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Marilyn Monroe Sculpture shows her Granny Panties

Marilyn_7A massive sculpture of Marilyn Monroe has been unveiled in Chicago’s Pioneer Court.

The public is expressing mixed feelings. I am a huge fan of sculpture and feel that a city is greatly enhanced by public displays of sculpture.


marilyn_1A local real estate office has commissioned the sculpture 'Forever Marilyn', from New Jersey artist Seward Johnson  His sculptures of people are commonly seen in gardens and parks. The sculpture stands 26 feet tall and weighs 34,000 pounds.

The sculpture commemorates Marilyn in here iconic role in “Seven Year Itch”. Everyone is familiar with the famous scene of Marilyn straddling a steam vent in her famous white halter dress. The scene created quite a stir at the time and probably a little scandal as well. Although it was a “slightly” suggestive scene, not much of Marilyn is actually shown.

marilyn_sevenAs a society today we are so used to the shocking that very little becomes scandalous. Although Marilyn is a sex symbol she was very innocent by the standards of today.

I am NOT a fan of this sculpture. Because Marilyn was a star in a more modest era, I think she should be commemorated with a bit more respect than this.

The first thing you will see of this iconic beauty are her huge granny panties. How many sex symbols today wear full panty briefs?

Marilyn_2Tourists and locals all seem to be enjoying the opportunity to look up Marilyn’s skirt while having their picture taken.



Do you love it or hate it? Let me know your thoughts.


You can read more about this at:  http://www.upi.com/News_Photos/gallery/Marilyn-Monroe-Scupture-unveiled-in-Chicago/5423/#ixzz1TElRj4gB

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Vintage Lingerie Pin Ups an Advertising Trend

I love the charm of the old fashioned styles of the 40’s and 50’s. The vintage pin up girls are illustrated so beautifully. There is such an innocence to them.
wagon wheels
Lately I am seeing them everywhere. There seems to be a trend towards using these retro style images to sell many products. I guess these go naturally with alcohol but I have seen some surprising items as well. I must admit I bought these wagon wheels just because of the cover. Wagon wheels were always a huge treat as a child and I loved them. Did they always taste like that?
Barbera, Italian wine, has an attractive pin up gal with a distinctly Sofia Lauren style. The garters and stockings showing under the flirty dress says it all. Not a great deal of skin showing but such a provocative look. Love the matching shoes!

I was creating an Italian meal and had to have the wine with dinner. I had never bought it before but it just completed the table decor.
beer 2
Red Rider Beer is sporting a fast paced red head on a gorgeous red beach cruiser. Again we see the garter accidentally showing. Red always catches the eye.

You would think this advertising is intended to sell product to men but it is working on me. I have such a soft spot for this era in lingerie, fashion, design and artwork.

Our world has become so high tech that a little glimpse into the simpler life is a treat.  I find myself buying for the images. I guess the advertising is working…

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Friday, May 27, 2011

French Women and their Lingerie by French Essence

I am an avid reader of French Essence. I want to share this latest article with you. It is about French Lingerie!!!

First let me introduce you to Vicki Archer, creator of this lovely blog.

 She is an Australian writer who lives in both London and the South of France. Vicki and her family took on the challenge of buying and moving to an abandoned olive farm.

I adore her blog and enjoy her portrayal of life in France.

She has written 2 books.  My French Life and French Essence

Check out her list of French Films and sign up to follow her adventures in France.

I agree completely with her outlook on lingerie and her view of most women's relationship with lingerie. An interesting perspective. I hope you enjoy this.

french women and their lingerie... 

by Vicki Archer

I read somewhere yesterday that French women are the biggest buyers of lingerie.... What does that mean? Other than that women in general love their pretties, it simply means that some women like lingerie more than others. There are all sorts of assumptions made from this data about nationality and sexiness...a difficult one to determine and not one that I am going to run with, however....

What I do know is that for French women lingerie is a staple in their wardrobe. Pretty underwear is not something that is at the bottom of the shopping list or neglected like a long overdue manicure. Lingerie is as important as the well cut dress that covers it. Lingerie is part of the ensemble; like the handbag and heels, it all has to work. One of the reasons I know that French girls are big spenders on lingerie is that in every village, town and major city there are more lingerie boutiques than any other. In our small village there are several boutiques selling top brands of lingerie. These boutiques are the ones that seem to endure despite seasonal trade and downturns in the economy.

Lingerie is a win/win purchase and maybe French girls have that figured out. Emotionally, if we feel good on the inside then we feel better on the outside. This is something we all strive for and this same logic should apply to how we dress. Knowing that what is underneath is just as fabulous (if not more) as what is on show gives a spike to the morale and a boost to the confidence....and we all know that confidence is the key to looking fabulous and appealing to others. Dressing is so often not about ourselves; women dress to please the loves in their lives or more often than not their girlfriends. Lingerie does not have to be exclusively for others, it doesn't have to be about our partners, lingerie can be selfish. Wearing gorgeous underwear should not only be for seduction, lingerie should be a weapon of self esteem.

Buying underwear is a bit like buying jeans we need to be in the best mood, we need to have time and we need to be forgiving of our flaws. French girls are not perfect, they have lumps and bumps like the rest of us, but perhaps they are kinder to themselves. Our bodies will never be as we want them, that is a curse (rightly or wrongly) that women live with, but wearing pretty lingerie is not reserved for the perfect body; pretty lingerie can be worn by all. In France I have noticed that the most exquisite pieces of lingerie come in all sizes and unlike fashion, underwear does not enforce unspoken rules about who can and who can't. There is a sense of liberation in knowing that you can buy exactly what you like in the size you need; French girls know this, we should too. xv

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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Introducing www.PlusSizeBrasAndPanties.com

As a reader of this blog you will probably know that I am also a Plus Size Lingerie Website owner….or maybe not.

 The other day I had a woman contact me with some questions. After sending her some advice she was surprised that I am also a shop owner. This, in turn, surprised me.

I think I refer to my site constantly but this may not be so.

My website adventure began after many years of creating clothing for women. Many of my clients have been plus size girls who had difficulty finding a stylish wardrobe. It was never a problem to design and produce the outfit but then came the underwear problem!!!

These wonderful ladies were struggling to find nice lingerie. My work in film has given me the opportunity to work with exquisite lingerie for many petite actresses. Over and over the same thoughts always occurred to me. “This lingerie is Gorgeous! Why don’t they make this for bigger gals?”

Being an avid internet user and shopper it slowly became clear that I should develop a resource for plus size women’s lingerie.

That was 4 years ago.

My website boutique www.PlusSizeBrasAndPanties.com offers a wide range of lingerie for the curvy woman. I am constantly struggling to find fashionable and beautiful lingerie in the widest selection of sizes.

A quick look at lingerie available from my web boutique in Plus Sizes!
I treat my website as a neighborhood boutique and act as if I am the local shop keeper. I love to interact with my customers and offer old fashioned customer service. I believe women enjoy interacting with other women…specially concerning underwear!

I invite you to come and view my website. Send me your comments or suggestions.

I strive to create a friendly, easy to use, center for full figured lingerie. My business is based on long term customers and continuing referrals. So if you like what you see, please recommend it to others. If you don’t like what you see, please tell me so I can continue to improve and fill the needs of todays woman.

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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Introducing the New Goddess Bra - 6011

goddess_6011 blGoddess 6011 molded seamless underwire minimizer bra!

Wow this new bra packs a real punch.  It has is all!!

Goddess is a brand that remains very popular for it’s generous size range. Size and fit are the key to a great bra but let’s be honest, it is all about the look as well.

Every woman wants to look and feel sexy in her foundation garments. Why not have comfort, fit and style?

Goddess is a tried and true bra line and a classic for many women. I have noticed they seem to be stepping up in the design and style department lately. What a wonderful direction to be heading in.

goddess_6011_2Featured here is the new style to take the place of 3910. It has retained of the same great features while becoming this modern bra.

This is a fantastic t-shirt bra. It is called this for it’s smooth, molded construction. It intentionally avoids seams and lace that can show through t-shirts and fine materials. A great feature for plus size women as this can create a slimmer look. No need for extra fullness over the bust. A t-shirt bra is a basic with todays fashions. You should have at least one in your drawer.

goddess_6011_backThis style also acts as a minimizer bra and can reduce the bust size by 2-3 inches. This is simply done by compressing the breast tissue slightly.

There is an underwire and widened side panels for added support. The side panels also help to control the excess fullness.

The straps are a wider elastic for comfort over the shoulder. Most of the weight will be supported by the wide back band and not the straps. The back styling has an exaggerated U shape which stops straps from falling off the shoulders.

This beautiful, simple bra comes in black and nude. The size ranges from 36 to 48 band and D, DD, DDD, G and H cups.

Goddess, in a shocking move, has been discontinuing bra styles that have been produced for over 40 years…without warning. This has been causing some panic in women who have worn specific styles for a lifetime. How nice to see the new replacements are ready to outshine the old classics.

Have faith in this iconic brand and give a new style a try. As always Goddess bras are a great value. You can afford to stock up.

Let me know if you have tested out this , or other, new Goddess styles.

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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Liz makes a slip the STAR...

Hollywood has lost one of it’s most shinning stars. I watched the life in review as the world said goodbye to Elizabeth Taylor.

I have always been a Liz Taylor fan and always will be. 

Cat On A Hot Tin Roof is one of my all time favorite films. I am a fan of Tennessee Williams plays so when you add Liz Taylor and a stellar cast of actors you have a master piece.

I love how Liz turned an old fashioned full slip into a star!

Liz Taylor in a slip
Liz plays a strong woman, named Maggie the cat, who tries to win back the affections of her aloof  husband.
Set in the steamy climate of the deep south Maggie spends the majority of the movie wearing only a full slip.


But this is no ordinary slip.

Liz Taylor as Maggie the catLiz Taylor looked glamorous while exquisitely undressed in that famous full slip.
This slip not only became the star of the show but also the image or icon of the show itself. It is incredible when a costume portrays the character so completely. It has become just as famous as the actress.

 The costume designer, Helen Rose, created the ultimate slip for Elizabeth during production in 1958. This was a full slip made of pure silk, completely lined in silk to guarantee nothing would show through. The slip was perfectly fitted and skin tight. If you watch the film carefully you can see the invisible hidden zipper on the side seam.  You may also notice she does not wear a bra.

Silk moulds and moves with a body like no other fabric can. This slip  looks like a regular slip but it was created with the magic of movie costuming skill. Yes it is a slip but it has that extra star power.

No one else wears a slip that looks quite as commanding.
  liz_slip  liz_slip_maggie
In 1960 Liz does it again! Another outstanding slip for the star of Butterfield 8. Once again Helen Rose created the slip but this time with a splash of contrasting lace in a warm coffee color showing 2 layers at the hem.

The sensual silk, the body hugging fit and fully lined to show Liz at her best.
Liz_Taylor        liz_butterfield
Check out this clip to really see the dramatic slip in action (3 1/2 mins). This slip is powerful and sexy yet so little skin is shown by todays standards.

The slip has moved away from popularity. This is a shame because there is something magical about wearing a slip. Your clothing slides and moves easily on top of it. If your clothing shifts and the slip shows, what a wonderful surprise for the onlooker who happens to notice!

If you want to feel like a 1950’s movie start….pull on a slip one morning and walk tall. See  how glamorous you will feel.

There will never be another Liz Taylor. In her honor I vote to bring the slip back into vogue! How about you?

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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

International Women's Day turns 100

Woman from Arles by Picasso
Happy 100th International Women's Day

For many reasons I find this day to be a somber one. In my world little attention is paid to this day. I am fortunate to be living in a part of the world where women have rights and privileges.

On this day I always think about my life over the years. I think about my successes, my family, my happiness and the hardships I have overcome. I think about what may have been, the choices I have made and the things I have had no choice in.

I am saddened by the vulnerability of women in so many parts of the world. Over the past 100 years many things have changed for women yet in so many places nothing has changed at all.

International Women"s Day was started by Clara Zetkin in 1910 in Germany. She wanted one day to be recognized world wide to highlight the demands of women. She was a political activist in the European Socialist Movement. Her idea continues and is even an official holiday in some countries.

I like to think I can help in some way. My favorite project is with Kiva. This is a place to lend money to struggling business people in developing countries. I choose women. All it requires is $25.00 to lend and you can start. I love choosing a woman to help and am thrilled as I am paid back pennies at a time. Check out Kiva and I invite you to join my little group.

Meet some fantastic Kiva women.

I am lucky to be surrounded by strong, independent, supportive women.
This is my little hello to everyone on this great day.

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Friday, March 4, 2011

Plus Size Bras and Panties Blog has a new look

Changes are happening at Plus Size Bras and Panties blog!!!

My choice for blogging on the go! Vivienne Tam's HP electronic clutch in RED!

I love computers for their ability to give us the most up to date information in our fast changing world. I hate computers for the constant changes they require. 
Blogging along with the old background.

I have enjoyed the look of my blog as it has evolved over the past year, however, the lovely people that designed my background and allowed me to publish it, have scraped it. Could I have been the only one who loved it?

As it is no longer available to me I am left with a blank blog background. Now how dull is that?

This blog may change again but for now let me explain my "new look" choices.

As you have probably noticed, I like bold color and patterns. I like things that jump out at you.

The deep red velvet pattern is strong and regal. It creates a slightly retro, luxurious, old world feel. It could be the wall coverings from a magnificent hotel from the past or a sensational silk velvet smoking jacket. I want to reach out and touch it.

I am captivated by deep rich reds. They really make a statement. I think of royalty, richness, passion, anger, danger, red carpet divas and historic elegance. 

I am a busy person so my eye is drawn to complicated patterns. Is my look too busy?.
What do you think? Give me your thoughts and ideas.

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Monday, February 7, 2011

Valentine’s Hints for your Football Fan!

Behind every enthusiastic football fan is a hard working woman.

We prepare the day, shop for groceries, cook food for the crowd to come. We create the “man” food that is so popular on this day.

It’s a fun and festive day, sports fan or not….    

heart stop sign
Click the stop sign to start showing your love.

So long Super Bowl ……. hello Valentine’s Day.

Here is a little hint to forward to your favorite sports fan. Just fill in the blanks ….
Bra size:_____________
Panty size:___________
Corset size:___________
Stocking size:__________

Red heart

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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Top 5 Red Hot Undies for Valentine’s Day – Plus Size Style

Plus Size women are getting ready for Valentine’s  Day. Here are my most popular choices for your Valentine Date.

Each of these styles were chosen because they are unique and totally suited to the full figured woman.

Each of these beauties make a great Valentine gift either on the body or in a box.
#1 Valentina Bra
valentina 3
This is my all time favorite Plus Size Bra. This style has so many features but the most outstanding are the color and the lace.
This bra comes in a passionate fiery red. The style is gorgeous in all sizes. The great news is it is available in sizes up to 46E.
The bra is wonderful and I think it fits the way it is supposed to. I am in love with the red colour  as it is a true romantic red and so smooth and sexy.,
Every woman should own a red bra just for herself as it brings out both her womanly sexy side as well as her Oh the devil made me do it side as well
Anne, BC, Canada
#2 Maria Boyshorts
maria 1522
Who named these boyshorts

They are certainly not a boyish look. This is a new style that is becoming so popular with many women. It has a modern trendy look with a full coverage. They are ultimately comfortable to wear. There is no elastic at the lower leg, just the natural stretch of the elastic. You have great comfort in a sexy, peek a boo style. The beautiful lace allows some skin to show through while still being supported by the stretch lace. Ooh la la….

#3 Carnation Thong
carnation thong redElegant, smooth lycra in a no frills thong. This thong has been made using old fashioned European styling. It has gone out of fashion for panties to be gathered before on the body. This is actually a wonderful feature as they stretch effortlessly and fit the body with ease.
So many styles are now made for hanger appeal first, then fit and comfort second.
This new designer on the block has pulled out all the old world skills to create a fantastic fitting panty.  This styles is available up to 7XL. Absolutely worth trying.

#4 Lace Garter and Stockings in Red
red garter and stocking in oneThis picture does not do these justice. This is a stocking, in red, with a lace garter and belt attached, also in red. Can you imagine?

This stocking, garter set come in sizes up to 6’ 250lbs.
   Just match these to the carnation thong for a unique, sexy set.

#5 Flamenco Red Satin and Black Lace
Flamenco Corset
Black lace over high gloss lipstick red satin for a vintage Spanish look. There is something so passionate about the combination. This is not your regular corset. Even the ruffled lace straps add to the allure.
Sizes available up to 48” waist.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Free Draw - e-cards in time for Valentine's Day

lets go shopping
Not a Valentine Card but
my favorite - click to see animation…

Two blog readers will win a one year subscription to Doozy Cards just in time for Valentine’s Day.

Doozy cards have kindly offered to award a one year free subscription to 2 readers of Plus Size Bras and Panties Blog.
I am always charmed to receive these cards and never think to send them myself. Here is an opportunity to have an easy resource at hand for all those little fun occasions.
I know this is non-lingerie related but I am happy to have the ability to be offering this give-a-way to you.

Meet Chandler Chandler, Owner of the online animated card service – Doozy Cards.
ChandlerI know the importance of finding effective ways to let people know how much they mean to you. Online Greeting Cards let you "make someone's day" with the click of a mouse. My name is Chandler Chandler, President of Doozy Cards LLC Greeting Cards and I want to welcome you to Doozy.

Chandler is a dynamic woman, busy business woman and mother of 3 boys.
Her company and creative group offer fun animated greeting cards for all occasions.
Thanks Chandler…

How to enter:

  • Check out Doozy Cards and pick your favorite card.
  • Leave a comment on this post with the name of the card.  Comments may also be made via facebook and twitter
  • Pass this on and receive additional entries for each new  follower.
  • Have your friends comment with your name so you will get credit and their favorite card.
Free Draw Info:

  • Prize will be drawn on February 13th, 2011 in time to send out  Valentine’s Day Cards
  • A special code will be issued to 2 readers valid for 1 year
  • Prize value $19.95 each
  • Good for one year.
  • Good Luck!!! 
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    Wednesday, January 26, 2011

    Curvy Blog Hop

      Introducing plus size fashion bloggers extraordinaire.
    Blog Hop...

    Welcome to my first blog hop.

    I love the idea of this list. Here you can jump from blog to blog. The bloggers listed here are inspiring, creative and have so much to say. They highlight plus size fashion trends of every kind.

    The list will grow once published. Check back for updates...

    I have chosen my favorite blogs for you to explore. Feel free to leave your comments and impressions.

     If you know a blog that should be here, let me know and if you are a curvy blogger introduce yourself.

    Dance your way through the list and have fun....
    I love John Travolta dancing home from a shopping spree in a sequin gown as Edna in Hair Spray. Who wouldn't like to shop in a sequin gown???

    To add your blog and host this list:
    • Post your blog name
    • Post a link to one of your favorite posts
    • Add the code listed below to your blog

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