Thursday, April 29, 2010

Bra Power to the rescue....

“Lingerie can save the planet!” says the spokeswoman for triumph international Japan ltd. Introducing the worlds first solar bra., yes solar power from your bra!

The Photovoltaci-Powered Bra. This new bra style is equipped with solar panels that generate enough electricity to charge a cell phone or ipod. Japan is welcoming eco-friendly products with open arms.

The down side of this bra is that the bra needs light to charge making this a bra that must be worn as outerwear.

Somehow I am guessing this is not going to be a huge hit in America. I don’t know about you but I still charge my cell phone the old fashion way, in my car.

Some of the other design innovations include a bra with built in cup holders to reduce pop cans, a bra that holds a reuseable shopping bag folded neatly into the side and a handy bra that holds reuseable folding chopsticks, one on each side.

I love all the new high tech gadgets but this one is just a bit crazy. What do you think? Would you get into using a rechargeable bra?

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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Bali Comfort-U Back Review by Curves and Chaos blog

I would like to introduce a blog I have been following for quite a while. This is a wonderful Plus Size Fashion blog with a light hearted look at fashion trends, helpful hints and a fun outlook on life. Check it out.

Curves & Chaos is a blog for the Curvy woman who is glamorous, fabulous, foxy, and then some.
Me...on the other hand? Read the blog and you'll find out.
In a nutshell this is about me. Wife. Angeleno. Latina Blogger. Friend. Sister. Daughter. Cat lover. Dreamer. Traveler. God Mother. Catholic Chick. Fashion and Celeb Obsessed. xoxo, me (Monique)

This is a great post written by Monique and posted at

Bali Comfort-U Back Review
Finding the perfect bra is probably one of our biggest headaches. Especially, if you're a curvy woman with a larger chest.

So, when I was contacted to try Bali's Comfort-U Back bra I was pretty excited. This new line features the beautiful Helena Christensen and boasts about the straps and the back of the bra staying in place. You know I had to try it out.

They sent me the Flower Bali Underwire bra. I actually wore this bra on my birthday and I was quite surprised at how comfortable it was. The straps never fell down and the back of the bra never rode up once, I guess I can thank the wide side straps and U-shape for that.

I wasn't spilling out all over the place either. The only issue I had was the actual shape it gave my breast. I guess it's natural, but I felt like they had a little bit of a cone shape. I would prefer them to have more of a round form.

As you can see in the pics above, the quality of the bra was great. It's a very basic white bra with a simple floral design. They have a lot of different styles if this one isn't for you.

I am big on comfort and affordability when it comes to undergarments. The Comfort-U bras have suggested retail prices of $29 to $36. That sound pretty good to me!!

"We are excited to let women in on the secret to a great bra-it's in the back."-Jennifer Stell, Bali senior marketing manager

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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Top 5 Most Common Mistakes when Laundering Bras

  1. Machine washing - The repetitive motion and twisting of the washing machine is too rough on bras. The action will destroy the elastic properties of the lycra causing loss of support of the bra. Because the hooks in the back will be free to fly around they can snag on the lace of the bra or on other clothing. It only takes a small snag to develop into a large hole in lace. Detergents can be too destructive on the fine fabric used in bras.
  2. Machine Drying - The high heat of the dryer kills the elastics and lycra in lingerie. Tumbling around alone or with other items will cause snags and pulls of the lace. Pills along the straps will develop quickly.
  3. Dry Cleaning - The heavy chemicals that are used in dry cleaning will instantly break down the lycra and remove stretch leaving the undergarment baggy.
  4. Bleaching - You may be tempted to brighten your lingerie with bleach however this never works. Most lingerie now has synthetic materials that will turn yellow in reaction to bleach. It also kills the lycra and stretch fibers.
  5. Ironing - This is unnecessary and will damage the lace and elatistic of the bra.

Of course the best solution is to hand wash your lingerie and hang it to dry. If you are too busy to do this the next best solution is a lingerie washing bag. Put the items in the bag to protect them in the machine. Use low water temperature and no heat drying. A gentle cleaner works the best like a low soap natural liquid or hair shampoo.

This is the busy woman’s solution that works very well. This little gadget is also great for panties with lace details.

It sounds old fashioned to hand wash items but if you can find the time you will be astounded as to the difference it will make and how long your lingerie will last.

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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Introducing Plus Size Lingerie Brand Elomi

The great Plus Size Lingerie manufacturer, Evenden, has developed a new line called Elomi. You will recognize some of the lines manufactured by Evenden as Goddess, Rigby & Peller, Freya, Fantasie and now Elomi.

Evenden is using all their past experience to create this great line for fuller figures. The difference with this line is the sexier styling. You will see bras with reduced coverage cups and panties with peek-a-boo panels.

I love this line for their choice and combinations of lace, fabrics and colors. The size range is up to 48FF although not in all styles.

Here is what Elomi has to say about their lingerie for curvy girls.....

The Perfect Fuller Figure Fit

You’re strong, confident and like to take care of your appearance. So fit is everything. Without it you can feel uncomfortable and insecure. Elomi lingerie is individually graded and tested on women with fuller figures so we can offer you unrivalled support that leaves you shimmering with confidence. All over.

So what’s our secret? Simply that every Elomi bra is carefully created around these key specialist features:

  • Straps - Restricted-stretch or padded straps increase comfort and support.
  • Leotard Back - Narrowly placed straps at the back eliminate slippage.
  • Hook & Eyes - Two rows in our smaller sizes and three rows in larger sizes provide even more support.
  • Fabric - We use supportive and controlling fabrics, especially for wings.
  • Wires - Extra cushioning around the wire casings make our bras even more comfortable.
  • Seamless Quality - You deserve the best of everything. Which is why Elomi only use the finest fabric and lace. They’re then tested for comfort, strength and longevity ensuring you love your lingerie for as long as it lasts.
  • Extraordinary Style - Whether it’s style or shape, comfort or colour, Elomi designers know what fits. Each and every one of their designs tell a story inspired by the world’s leading fashion trends.

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Friday, April 9, 2010

Helping Women Entrepreneurs with Kiva is a non profit organization that empowers individuals to lend to an entrepreneur across the globe. By combining microfinance with the internet, Kiva is creating a global community of people connected through lending. Up to date kiva lenders have facilitated over $129 million in loans.

I love kiva. I became a Kiva lender 1 ½ years ago. I have found a great deal of enjoyment from helping empower low-income entrepreneurs all over the world. Kiva allows people like myself to lend $25 at a time. By joining with other Kiva lenders the needed funds are pooled to grant wonderful opportunities to third world entrepreneurs. The most inspiring aspect of Kiva is that it is not charity. It is a business loan to a motivated, hard working person who wants to better their life. This not only offers financial help but dignity and inspiration to the business person in need.
I love the fact that when your loan is paid back you can re-loan it to someone else and it just keeps rotating. Of course, you can always remove your funds if you desire. The money was not donated.

There is a risk that your loan may not be returned. Conditions in some countries are so dire that some business people may not be able to pay you back. In Kiva experience all my loans have been paid back. What I find crazy is that if a loan was defaulted on, it is $25. I can affort to risk that. What does $25 buy us here? Certainly not an opportunity to better our lives, however, the enjoyment I get from lending that $25 is worth far more.

The loan amounts vary and the higher the loan the more kiva lenders it takes to fulfill the amount.

Kiva was started by a film crew who were on location in a tpoor country. They were struck with the thought that small amounts of money can make huge changes in peoples lives.

I have been fortunate to have been given support and encouragement throughout my career. By participating in Kiva, I can pass that on to business people who really need it.

I choose to loan to women who mostly work in fashion, as I do. Meet a couple of my favorite entrepreneurs.

Jeanne Chantal Lokou is 42 years old, married and mother of two children. She lives in Lomé, a town located 120 kilometers from Kpalimé. She has been working as a seamstress for the past ten years. With Kiva’s loan, she wishes to buy an additional sewing machine to ensure her work is done quickly. With her foreseen profit, Jeanne wants to help her husband finance their children’s education.
Loan amount $1,050.

Teofila is the mother of a very loving family. She is 43 years old and lives in her own house with her only son, Elvis, who is 9 years old, and what she wants most is to give him a good education.
In the village of Jasana Capallino you can find Teofila's business. She raises cattle, which is a trade that she learned from her parents who always made sure she knew how to support herself. She sells her cattle at the Huancane fair, where they are in high demand because of how well they are cared for and fed.

What she likes best about her job is to let the animals graze, as she enjoys the outdoors. With 20 years in this trade, she believes that the most difficult part is to deliver her cattle to the Sunday fairs where they sell. For the future of her business, she hopes to increase the quantity of her stock so that can increase her earnings. Loan amount $700.

Okay, Teofila is not involved in fashion but I adore her hat. I have started a Kiva group, think about joining me in becoming a Kiva lender. It really does your heart good!

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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Top 5 Reasons to Wear Gorgeous Panties

I am sure you have all heard, “ Don’t leave the house unless you have nice underwear on because you may be hit by a bus and sent to the hospital.” Crazy as that sounds there are times when your underwear will make a surprise appearance. You might want to follow the old advice, just in case....
  1. Your husband might attend his weekly Tae Kwan Do class as usual. He might do a particularity high kick and he might be embarrassed to see a beautiful bright red lace thong gracefully fly out of his pant leg and fall among the sea of white uniforms. The Grand Master may stare in horror then pretend he did not notice and continue class as usual. The moral of this story is - don’t mix your colors on laundry day.   
  2.  You might be stopped by the police for speeding and taken to the police station for past unpaid speeding tickets. You might then be strip searched and not be wearing underwear because you were too busy to get your laundry done that week so you thought, “no one will notice” and just went without.   
  3. You might go to Disneyland and have a fantastic time with your husband and child. You might go on a Wild Water Ride and get soaking wet. It might not be until you get off the ride that you find out your new white shorts become completely see-through when wet.                                       
  4.  You might have the worst case happen and be hit by a car. You may be lying on the road watching the Paramedics running towards you. You might know you have broken something yet, being the fashionista that you are, the only thing running through your mind and causing sheer panic within you is “Did I wear my new underwear or the old ones I was going to throw away!"                                                                                                                        
  5. You might simply wear beautiful underwear because it makes you feel like a woman!

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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Plus Size Corsets for Prom

The school year is in it’s final stages and young women everywhere are shopping for the perfect gown. This is such a special time and should be the best event possible.

When helping your grad shop for the chosen gown the undergarments are extremely important.

Very often the gowns are strapless making a bra impossible to wear. This is when the girls look at strapless bras. Although the necklines are great with a strapless bra they do not offer any additional support.

This is when a corset becomes an option. Corsets are so retro and cute. They are old fashioned and quite special to wear. A corset offers several features to consider. The corset supports the body from the bust right down over the tummy. A true corset has NO stretch at all. For this reason it is possible to slim the body and reduce easily up to 2-3 inches. This will make a huge difference in the silhouette. The large busted girls will end up with the “cup runneth over” look. If this is not desired a bra can be worn with the corset to confine the top of the breasts. A regular or strapless bra will work depending on the neckline of the gown. This will give added support and shaping.

My favorite side effect of the corset is beautiful posture! There is no other choice except to stand up straight. The corset will not bend. A good tip when dressing is to put stockings and shoes on first, then the corset.

When planning to wear a corset some practice is advised. The corset should be worn at home to get used to the feel. At first wear the corset just at body size. It will feel restrictive, which most are not used to. It will also feel difficult to breathe. As the corset is worn a couple of times it will be possible to wear it a bit tighter each time. I would not recommend going to far on the tightening. Make sure your grad will be able dance, pose for pictures and eat in comfort.

Corsets come in cottons and satins for shiny and matt finishes. The size range is up to size 56 for a 46" waist.

Another corset choice is a modified corset made of softer fabrics with a slight stretch for comfort. These also give a mild support over the tummy. This style is easier to wear and does not require any practice however does not support as strongly either.

Whatever your choice - Happy Graduation!

If you have any tips you’d like to share or comments please post them below.

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