Friday, March 4, 2011

Plus Size Bras and Panties Blog has a new look

Changes are happening at Plus Size Bras and Panties blog!!!

My choice for blogging on the go! Vivienne Tam's HP electronic clutch in RED!

I love computers for their ability to give us the most up to date information in our fast changing world. I hate computers for the constant changes they require. 
Blogging along with the old background.

I have enjoyed the look of my blog as it has evolved over the past year, however, the lovely people that designed my background and allowed me to publish it, have scraped it. Could I have been the only one who loved it?

As it is no longer available to me I am left with a blank blog background. Now how dull is that?

This blog may change again but for now let me explain my "new look" choices.

As you have probably noticed, I like bold color and patterns. I like things that jump out at you.

The deep red velvet pattern is strong and regal. It creates a slightly retro, luxurious, old world feel. It could be the wall coverings from a magnificent hotel from the past or a sensational silk velvet smoking jacket. I want to reach out and touch it.

I am captivated by deep rich reds. They really make a statement. I think of royalty, richness, passion, anger, danger, red carpet divas and historic elegance. 

I am a busy person so my eye is drawn to complicated patterns. Is my look too busy?.
What do you think? Give me your thoughts and ideas.

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  1. I love the red ... Reminds me of the very passionate pulse of blood and our very existence. The intensity of the pattern actually makes it easier for my eye to see your page!
    Drag to have to change,but in a way it has brought forward a very interesting shift in your material.
    Keep on blogging
    Cheers Ruth

  2. I want some plus size costumes that i can wear in Halloweens. I don't want stuff like this. Please share some creative plus size costumes

  3. HI plus Size Costume,
    Thanks for having a look at my blog. I can see you are into costumes. Check out my Halloween ideas from last year.
    This is how to incorporate high quality corsets into a Halloween look.
    Spooky and Sexy!

  4. well i certainly like the background you have now


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