Saturday, June 22, 2013

Vote for Your Favorite Plus Size Blog


I am hooked on is the weekend and I am reading some of my favorite blogs, as I always do. It has just struck me how my reading style has changed drastically.

It has become far easier to read online than by print media. The laptop is always there, never anything to throw away and always free. Now with my ipad I can read blogs even when away from my laptop. My ipad has become like my lipstick, I don't leave home without it.

But are these the true reasons for my addiction to blogs? Four years ago I hardly new what a blog was. I started researching blogs and began reading blogs before jumping in, completely unprepared, and began writing a blog myself.

Reading a blog on a steady basis is like getting to know a pen pal. You become personally attached to the news on the blog. Wanting to know what is happening or what they are thinking next. It is like calling a friend to catch up.

I think the pure beauty of a blog is the unique and unsolicited opinions being put forth. There are no commercial bias' or political pressure or advertisers to please. Either you like what the bloggers says or not. You know it is their free will and honest opinion. This is my true reason for my love of blogs.

I read blogs on fashion, plus size fashion, travel, home décor, food, film, costume, personal style blogs, history and industry trade blogs.

I love the variety of topics, the world wide authors and the feeling of a global village this creates.

Help me to create the "Woman's Choice 25 Best Plus Size Fashion Blogs." It will then be published for everyone to see and start reading.

click comments, add the name and link and why you love it.
Bloggers are welcome to submit also.

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