Monday, March 22, 2010

A bad hair is in the eye of the beholder.

On the weekend I met this charming young lady named Nina and her beautiful mom. My husband and I had taken a journey to the wonderful Harrison Hot Springs in BC, Canada.

We went to enjoy the healing waters of the natural mineral salts hot springs. It is a wonderful relaxing way to pamper the body and re-energise for the week ahead.

I was fortunate enough to meet Nina with her wild and wonderful hair. Being cursed, myself, with thin, straight hair I was mesmerized by the unruly fashion statement Nina was making.

Mom explained that Nina and Dad had spent the week together while she was in New York shopping with girl friends….lucky her! Nina and Dad had a great time but avoided the hair brushing chore thus the hair do.

Mom may think it is a bad hair day but I LOVE IT! “Nina, you made my day….

To investigate a stay in Harrison for yourself check out this site

                                     The beautiful Harrison Lake at noon and sunset.

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  1. Nina, stay the way you are and you'll go far in life.

  2. Nina you are sooo cute, and the hair is great, we love you. Harrison is very lovely must go there and see if my hair will go nice like Nina's

    Good fun girl, love your blog


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