Thursday, April 1, 2010

Plus Size Corsets for Prom

The school year is in it’s final stages and young women everywhere are shopping for the perfect gown. This is such a special time and should be the best event possible.

When helping your grad shop for the chosen gown the undergarments are extremely important.

Very often the gowns are strapless making a bra impossible to wear. This is when the girls look at strapless bras. Although the necklines are great with a strapless bra they do not offer any additional support.

This is when a corset becomes an option. Corsets are so retro and cute. They are old fashioned and quite special to wear. A corset offers several features to consider. The corset supports the body from the bust right down over the tummy. A true corset has NO stretch at all. For this reason it is possible to slim the body and reduce easily up to 2-3 inches. This will make a huge difference in the silhouette. The large busted girls will end up with the “cup runneth over” look. If this is not desired a bra can be worn with the corset to confine the top of the breasts. A regular or strapless bra will work depending on the neckline of the gown. This will give added support and shaping.

My favorite side effect of the corset is beautiful posture! There is no other choice except to stand up straight. The corset will not bend. A good tip when dressing is to put stockings and shoes on first, then the corset.

When planning to wear a corset some practice is advised. The corset should be worn at home to get used to the feel. At first wear the corset just at body size. It will feel restrictive, which most are not used to. It will also feel difficult to breathe. As the corset is worn a couple of times it will be possible to wear it a bit tighter each time. I would not recommend going to far on the tightening. Make sure your grad will be able dance, pose for pictures and eat in comfort.

Corsets come in cottons and satins for shiny and matt finishes. The size range is up to size 56 for a 46" waist.

Another corset choice is a modified corset made of softer fabrics with a slight stretch for comfort. These also give a mild support over the tummy. This style is easier to wear and does not require any practice however does not support as strongly either.

Whatever your choice - Happy Graduation!

If you have any tips you’d like to share or comments please post them below.

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