Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Top 5 Reasons to Wear Gorgeous Panties

I am sure you have all heard, “ Don’t leave the house unless you have nice underwear on because you may be hit by a bus and sent to the hospital.” Crazy as that sounds there are times when your underwear will make a surprise appearance. You might want to follow the old advice, just in case....
  1. Your husband might attend his weekly Tae Kwan Do class as usual. He might do a particularity high kick and he might be embarrassed to see a beautiful bright red lace thong gracefully fly out of his pant leg and fall among the sea of white uniforms. The Grand Master may stare in horror then pretend he did not notice and continue class as usual. The moral of this story is - don’t mix your colors on laundry day.   
  2.  You might be stopped by the police for speeding and taken to the police station for past unpaid speeding tickets. You might then be strip searched and not be wearing underwear because you were too busy to get your laundry done that week so you thought, “no one will notice” and just went without.   
  3. You might go to Disneyland and have a fantastic time with your husband and child. You might go on a Wild Water Ride and get soaking wet. It might not be until you get off the ride that you find out your new white shorts become completely see-through when wet.                                       
  4.  You might have the worst case happen and be hit by a car. You may be lying on the road watching the Paramedics running towards you. You might know you have broken something yet, being the fashionista that you are, the only thing running through your mind and causing sheer panic within you is “Did I wear my new underwear or the old ones I was going to throw away!"                                                                                                                        
  5. You might simply wear beautiful underwear because it makes you feel like a woman!

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