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Bali Comfort-U Back Review by Curves and Chaos blog

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Curves & Chaos is a blog for the Curvy woman who is glamorous, fabulous, foxy, and then some.
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Bali Comfort-U Back Review
Finding the perfect bra is probably one of our biggest headaches. Especially, if you're a curvy woman with a larger chest.

So, when I was contacted to try Bali's Comfort-U Back bra I was pretty excited. This new line features the beautiful Helena Christensen and boasts about the straps and the back of the bra staying in place. You know I had to try it out.

They sent me the Flower Bali Underwire bra. I actually wore this bra on my birthday and I was quite surprised at how comfortable it was. The straps never fell down and the back of the bra never rode up once, I guess I can thank the wide side straps and U-shape for that.

I wasn't spilling out all over the place either. The only issue I had was the actual shape it gave my breast. I guess it's natural, but I felt like they had a little bit of a cone shape. I would prefer them to have more of a round form.

As you can see in the pics above, the quality of the bra was great. It's a very basic white bra with a simple floral design. They have a lot of different styles if this one isn't for you.

I am big on comfort and affordability when it comes to undergarments. The Comfort-U bras have suggested retail prices of $29 to $36. That sound pretty good to me!!

"We are excited to let women in on the secret to a great bra-it's in the back."-Jennifer Stell, Bali senior marketing manager

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  1. Thanks Fa(s)t Fashion for your comment. This is such a winner of a bra.

  2. I reviewed it as well, on my other site... I received a wire-free one that I thought was pretty supportive for my 38DD bust! I never thought I could go wire-free.


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