Friday, May 7, 2010

Corsets in Film- the hidden image maker

Corsets are a common item in film and for good reason. There is no other way to create the ultimate support and shaping that a corset provides.

Daphne Zuniga looks stunning on set of the Hallmark production, “Mail Order Bride“. You may remember her from Melrose Place.

Although you cannot actually see the corset, the results are obvious. She sits regally, with perfect posture and a fantastically smooth shape. There is no other way to achieve the period style silhouette other than the use of the corset.

Working on this movie I created this dress for the Costume Designer, with the help of a talented seamstress Wendy. We spent many hours producing this old fashioned garment. It is a pleasure to recreate the elegance of the past and fulfill the designers vision.

Underneath it all she wore a champagne colored satin corset that was a fashion statement in itself. A beautiful costume creation hidden away.

Modern gowns often have a corset built into the structure. You will often see this on red carpet gowns. There is a wonderful look as the bones of the corset slightly shadow through elegant fabrics. Can you picture this orange corset under a fabulous gown?

Most women only consider a corset for their wedding day but in reality they can be worn with so many formal outfits. The outcome….amazing!

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  1. wow. I thought that corsets were a thing of th past, but I can certainly see what an enhancer they are to the outfit.
    when you say bones ... do you mean real bones?
    thx Ruth

  2. Thanks for the comment Ruth. This is a good point to bring up. The boning used now is a coiled metal that is almost like a flattened spring or a heavy plastic.
    The original bones used in corset where actuallt whale bone. Then heavy metal was also used for specific styles of corsets. Coorset styles did change by region and era.
    The history of the corset is facinating.


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