Sunday, January 2, 2011

6 Underwear Resolutions

New Years ResolutionsNew years resolutions!     

Who started them anyway? 

We all think about them. 

We all plan them. 

They are the same ones every year.

We rarely ever fulfill them.

We feel deflated when we fail.

I have an idea… her are some New Years Resolutions you CAN fulfill and just how to do it! Say after me…

Smile  This year I am going to loose one dress size.
Get yourself a great body slimmer. Pull it on and voila, one size smaller.

Surprised smile   This year I am going to walk tall and confidently like I am a woman with something no one else knows about.
Wear thong underwear! If they are new to you, you will be surprised at how secretive you will feel. Even if it is only for special occasions it is worth the experience.

Flirt female  This year I am going to nurture my feminine side.
As you dress treat yourself to beautiful underwear. No more mismatched sets. No more holes, pilled fabric, bagged out elastic or poor fitting pieces. Throw out the granny stuff no matter what age you are. 

Princess  This year I am going to pamper myself once a month.
Do something you are always too busy to do. Enjoy a cappuccino, read a book, have a pedicure or go to a chick flick. As women we work so hard and so seldom take time for ourselves. We need to energize ourselves once and a while.

Red heart This year I am going to see red.
Get a red bra and panties set. Every woman should have a set in their delicates drawer. It will ignite your soul, warm your spirit and light your fashionista within.

Cat face  This year I am going to go wild.
Leopard prints and exotic hides in a corset, nightie set or panties. Bring out your feline tendencies.
So get to work and master these resolutions. Then the next time you are chatting with the girls you can say, “Resolutions? I have kept mine all year long!”

2011 is going to be great!

What are your underwear resolutions?

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