Monday, November 15, 2010

Satin Corset Rainbow

Exploring the Corset – Day 7
lvg0874-red-satin-overbust-corset-backThe holiday season is sneaking up fast. I want to showcase a wonderful, easy to wear, great for Christmas corset.
Satin corsets come in a rainbow of colors.  A gorgeous, historic corset really becomes outstanding in a vibrant color.

lvg0874-shapercorset-white-satin-bridal-overbust-corset-back-3 Feed your inner siren, wear a corset in a color that enhances your passion.
* Wild Red
* Pure White
* Warm Orange
* Midnight Blue
* Sultry Black

Satin not only looks fantastic but has a practical function as well. The weave of satin creates a slippery outer surface.
When satin is woven the threads loop under one and over 3. This puts long slim threads on the surface the fabric.
Your gown or dress will not stick to this corset.  It is a smooth surface and luxurious to the touch that lets your gown fall as it is intended to do.

Choose a color to match your outfit or match your personality.
Start planning your formal outfit from the underwear out.
The beautiful satin corsets you are admiring are made to fit up to a waist size of 48”.

lvg0874-black-satin-overbust-corset-back-1The heavy steel bones create a straight, smooth and slimmed down silhouette. You will find a corset can reduce your size easily by 2-3 inches.
The more you wear a corset the tighter you can lace it. Your body must get accustomed to the support.

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