Monday, November 23, 2009

Caution - Camera flashes can reveal your underwear.

Christmas is coming and tis the season to dress up in your finest and go out. We put time, energy and thought into what we will wear to these special occasions.

I want to warn you to think below the surface.

New fabrics in today’s fashions have many wonderful properties for comfort and easy care. The fashion trends are soft and body hugging. When you stand in front of the mirror at home your outfit looks fantastic! You will feel great and be ready for a memorable night.

Don’t forget to consider what is underneath the Christmas outfit. When the cameras start clicking and flashes start popping they may be recording more than your smile.

White is the worst lingerie for showing through fabrics under lights however many garments now become sheer.

As you can see from my friend’s picture even dark colors will show. No one had any idea she was wearing such a gorgeous floral black bra until we saw the photos. She is also fair and even her tummy showed through. She does not actually have a tummy, as you can see …….

The old fashioned rule of wearing dark lingerie under dark applies here. It becomes even more important with the new fabrics and fashions. Sometimes a camisole or slimmer is a must.

White will often pop and shine through fabrics in photographs. If a dark undergarment is not possible then choose a skin tone item. Match as closely as you can to your skin shade and you will then have a solid color showing through in the photos. It will not show your bra as bluntly.

Hold your garment up to the light before you put it on. That will give you an indication of how fine it is and how much the light will penetrate it.

A little extra planning will make you feel much better when you see yourself in the photos of the holidays. Start planning from the inside out so you only expose what you intend to.

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  1. Did some photography today. Woman I was shooting it was exactly what happened. I deleted it and we did it again.,%202010%20-%20Habitat%20Blitz/album/index.html#10

    4 More Days of Blitz Build!!!!


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