Sunday, November 8, 2009

Decorative, Fashion Trend Bra Straps

Have you ever worn a top or dress that constantly reveals your bra? Instead of being frustrated why not embrace it and add an extra fashion surprise.

Although it has become common to have your bra strap showing it is still nice to have it match your outfit. These decorated straps replace the regular straps of your bra. That also means you must have a bra with removable straps. A convertible bra is a good one to use as it already comes with a couple of different straps of different lengths and the ability to remove them.

The holiday season is coming and this new fashion trend is a great addition.  Rhinestone, crystal and pearl straps have a distinctly formal flare. Why not make a statement? Picture yourself in the simple black dress, as you move a flash of crystal appears as your bra strap shows. Now that is interesting!

I would not want to wear these everyday but love to wear them for fun. The first time I wore them, I had a pair of straps with sequins on them. I wore them with a colored summer tank top and jeans. I was having lunch with girl friends who kept sneaking a look at the straps. It was not long until one of them said,” Is that your bra?”

Go ahead, surprise yourself and a couple of buddies. Have fun!

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